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How to Download Fire Max for Free

How to Download Fire Max for Free – Garena Free Fire is a game that already has many fans in Indonesia and the world. This game presents an interesting game with mediocre graphics quality, so this game will run on phones with low specs.

Recently, however, Garena released the latest update called Free Fire Max for FF gamers who crave high quality graphics. The update in beta mode offers some interesting additional features and also super HD graphics.

The update released is very tempting indeed. It’s a shame, however, that not all FF players will be able to experience this beta version update of Free Fire Max. According to the news, Free Fire Max is beta testing in Malaysia and Brazil. That’s because Garena limits the number of IDs Free Fire Max can play.

If you are lucky enough, you will receive an invitation to enjoy Free Fire Max with these HD graphics.

How to Download Fire Max for Free
How to Download Fire Max for Free

How to Download Fire Max for Free

To get the feeling of playing in this Free Fire Max game, you need to make sure that your mobile phone is of high spec.

This is because Free Fire Max has Super HD graphics which require a high specification cell phone to function optimally. Below are the steps to download Free Fire Max:

  1. Enter the old Free Fire game and log in with the account you have chosen.
  2. Go to the game’s in-mail page and a notification will appear in the registration menu section that says “Join Fire Max Closed Beta for Free”.
  3. Click the link in the message. This link is a link to download the beta version of Free Fire Max. However, if you don’t see a link or anything in the notification message, you may not receive an invitation to play Free Fire Max.
  4. The link takes you to the playstore. When you try to search for “Free Fire Max” on the Play Store and it’s not there, then most likely you didn’t get the invitation.
  5. After you are redirected to the Play Store, all you have to do is download Free Fire Max and wait for the installation process to complete.
  6. Open the fire and log into your account.

These are the steps to download Free Fire Max. Make sure that you follow the above steps correctly and conclusively. Good luck and enjoy Free Fire Max’s super HD graphics!

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