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How to Cut Files and Folders on MacBook Easily

MacOS is one of the operating systems (operating system), which is very popular alongside Windows. This operating system is used on MacBook devices that have a different appearance than other operating systems, friend. Of course, if you’re new to a Mac, executing file management commands will be different. One of them is copy, cut and paste. Do you know how to cut files and folders on your MacBook? Don’t worry, the method is very simple, friend. What needs to be done is memorize keyboard shortcuts and the UI, yes because they are different from Windows.

Mac OS

Although Mac and Windows are both operating systems, they are quite different. In addition, the existing commands are also different because the MacBook uses the OS X or MacOS operating system. You may have been familiar with the Microsoft Windows operating system while doing college or office tasks using word processors and data. Well, the commands people often use for time efficiency are copy, cut, and paste.

Do you already need to know how to copy, cut and paste on devices with Windows operating system?

To copy and paste files or folders, just press CTRL + C and CTRL + V, while for the cut command the key CTRL + X then CTRL + V. What about macs? All you have to do is press Command or Tombol to copy and paste CMD + C then CMD + V.

But for the cut order, my friend Not Can use CMD + X and CMD + V You know. How then? The way you cut files and folders on a Mac is a little different, bro. Here are the steps:

How to Cut Files and Folders on MacBook

How to Cut Files and Folders on MacBook

Cut and paste with keyboard shortcuts

  • In the Finder app, select a file or folder to move
  • Press Command + C
  • Next, select the location or directory you want to go to for the file or folder folder
  • Press Command + Option + V Keys,
  • If so, the file or folder is moved to a new location, like the cut and paste command.

So if you just press Command + V without pressing the button OPPORTUNITY later the file will be copied to the new location and will still exist in the previous location.

In addition to using keyboard shortcuts, there are other options:

Cut and paste from the options menu

  • Open Finder, then select the file or folder you want to move
  • Choose the Edit menu and click Copy.
How to Cut Files and Folders on MacBook
  • Next, choose a new location for the file or folder that you want to move
  • Next, go back to the Edit menu in the Finder and hold down the OPTION key to reveal the Move Items Here option (the paste command changes to this, select it to do the cut and paste to complete the file in Mac OS X). .
How to Cut Files and Folders on MacBook
  • Click the option to see the files and folders in the new location.

You have to press the button. keep pressed down OPPORTUNITY raise Move items here. Hence, what makes MacOs stand out is the insertion process. The option key is used to change the copy function to cut since Insertion process converted to Move Not Copy.

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Shut down

The Cut and Paste command is very useful for quickly moving files and folders around without having to drag and drop them. Well, the cut command on Macbooks is almost the same as on other operating systems, just slightly different when moving. That’s a little throwback to cutting files and folders on a Macbook, good luck and good luck, friend!

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