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How to Create WhatsApp Shortlinks for Online Store

Vexa friends, you must be familiar with the WhatsApp application. Well this time vexagame is going to discuss how to send WhatsApp messages without having to save the number first. How to create a WhatsApp shortlink is certainly very helpful for communicating quickly with potential customers, vexa friends. The customer does not have to enter the number on the smartphone and first save it in the contact, then send a WhatsApp message, friend, oh yes, friend, this short link can be inserted on the website, in the online shop, on Facebook and Instagram. How are you mate That’s cool, it certainly helps a lot for Vexa friends to sell online, right? Let’s take a look at this in full below.

How to create WhatsApp shortlinks

1. The basic formula for WhatsApp shortlinks

To create this WhatsApp shortlink it is very easy, friend, there is already a formula from WhatsApp, we just have to enter our mobile number, friend. Remember, friend, you have to use an international code. For Indonesia use code 62, for example vexa’s number is 089675399999 then it will be changed to 62896753999999. This is how vexa friends create a WhatsApp link as follows:

Vexa friends, all you have to do is change the green cell phone number to the number of your Vexa friend. After that, the link can be pasted on websites, blogs, Facebook, Instagram and other online media. Here is an example of a shortlink when pasted on Instagram

Examples of WhatsApp shortlinks in the Instagram application
  1. Make sure the number you write down must use the international code. Use code 62 for the country Indonesia, replace the number 0 at the beginning of your vexa friend’s mobile number.
  2. For example, don’t use spaces or dashes (-) to separate cell phone numbers 0896-753-9999
3. Adding chat content to WhatsApp shortlink

Okay vexa friends keep making WhatsApp shortlinks that contain messages, friend. If vexa friends sell online, the content of this message makes it easier for vexa friends to fill out the order format used. Here is the format for automatically adding text in WhatsApp shortlinks:

https: // number Whatsap& text =text

To create spaces and replace lines / Enter, Vexa friends can add the following code:

  • % 20 Used to provide a space
  • % 0A Used to provide a line break / Enter

An example of its application is as follows:

  • room : https: // text =Hello% 20Friend% 20Vexa
  • Enter : https: // text =Fill in the following% 20data% 20% 20:% 0AName% 20:% 0ANumber% 20HP% 20:
Examples of using WhatsApp shortlink spaces
Examples of the use of spaces
Example of using Enter
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Well, how about Vexa friends, it’s easy to create your own WhatsApp shortlink. Hopefully this article can help your Vexa friend’s business. Don’t forget to share this information with your friends. Wait for the next article my friend and don’t forget to follow Vexagame Social Media.

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