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How to complete the M3EI-A pickup mission in PUBG Mobile

How to Complete the M3EI-A-Pick-Up Mission – Like most games, PUBG Mobile has weekly events that must be completed by players and upon completing the event you will receive a reward or prizes as per the applicable regulations.

This week you will find a variety of missions with different levels of difficulty.

One of this week’s missions is a mission to play Payload Mode and collect M3EI-A weapons in two matches.

M3EI-A pick-up mission
PUBG Mobile Missions

One of the Challenge Missions you can complete this week is an event that requires you to pick up or pick up an M3EI-A weapon in the PUBG Mobile Payload mode.

M3EI-A Pick Up Mission in PUBG Mobile Payload Mode

This M3EI-A weapon is a modern weapon that exists in payload mode where this weapon can detect heat and lock the target.

As you know, Payload Mode is a mode that allows you to bring a variety of new heavy weapons, super weapon boxes, and even helicopters.

This mode supports battles on land, sea and air, making the battle even more fierce.

To complete this challenge mission, you will need to take the M3EI-A weapon in two matches in payload mode.

How to complete the M3EI-A pick-up mission

For those of you who haven’t completed this mission, here are the steps you can listen to:

  1. Play Payload Mode and use the Erangel Card.
  2. After that, make sure you land right in the Mylta area.
  3. After landing right in the Mylta area, you can immediately rush into the houses for weapons to survive with.
  4. You can get M3EI-A in a large house or shop with a wall full of large windows.
  5. Play the same way in Payload Mode to complete the M3EI-A-Pickup Mission in two matches in Payload Mode.

So many articles about completing the M3EI-A pickup mission in the PUBG Mobile game that we can get you across.

Hopefully what we have to say can help you complete the existing mission.

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