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How to Complete the 9 Pillars of Peace Quest Genshin Impact

The world of Genshin Impact has a wide variety of uniqueness, particularly with quests or missions that must be completed in order to gain experience and high quality items.

One of the most unique missions is the Nine Pillars of Peace Quest or the Nine Pillars of Peace Mission, which is located on the Cuijue Slope. This mission rewards you with 450x Adventure Experience Points and 50x Primogems as well as five-star artifacts.

For friends who don’t know what the Nine Pillar Mission is and how to complete it, we’ll cover everything with tips and tricks.


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1. Get all the flashback stones

Flashback Stone Genshin Impact

This 9 pillar quest is one of the hidden missions that you get when you meet certain conditions.

First you need to get all the Flashback Bricks (9 total) by upgrading the Statue of Seven to a maximum (level 10). You can improve it by using 130 geoculus scattered around the Liyue area.

2. Insert the flashback stone into the 9 pillars in Cuijue Slope

Location of the Cuijue incline column

After receiving nine flashback stones, head to the Cuijue Slop area. There you will find 9 pillars.

Climb up the pillars and place the flashback stone there. Each pillar filled with flashback stones creates an exquisite chest underneath. After all the pillars are filled, the dungeon door will open and you can enter it.


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3. Defeat all enemies in the dungeon

ruin nine pillars

You will go to ruin and find high level enemies and sick damage. It is recommended to use a group in Solo mode, consisting of:

  • 1 character with water element (Hydro)
  • 1 Ice Elemental Character (Cyro)
  • 1 character with electrical element (Elektro)
  • 1 bow user mark

Don’t forget to turn on buffs and bring food in case it gets difficult. In the middle of the fight, destroy the flaming flower because it weakens the enemy.

Here are the waves of enemies you will fight:

  • 1x Lv. 40 Ruin Guardian
  • 2x St. 40 Geovishap young animal
  • 1x Lv. 48 Ruin Hunter (Boss) – where you defeat him with a bow user character.

Tips: In the fight against Geovishap Hatchling, one of the strategies is to collect Geo-Shield Crystals (obtained when you do damage and the enemy is digging into the ground). This shield reduces the damage taken and also stuns the enemy.

4. Open the chest in the treasury

Treasury 9 Pillar Quest

After defeating the boss ruin hunter, the door to the treasury will open. The prizes you will receive are:

  • 1 luxury chest (contains dull ring)
  • 1 precious chest
  • 1 royal flora (5-star artifact)

But the mission is not over yet, because you will receive a Dull Ring from the Luxurious Chest, where you can sell it to one of the 2 NPCs in Teyvat. There are 2 options you can choose:

  1. When selling to the NPC Bolai (Wanyou Boutique): You get 180,000 Mora + 5 Adeptus Temptation (food with +316 attack buff and a critical rate of up to 10% for 300 seconds)
  2. If you sell to the NPC Linglang: You will get 200,000 Mora

Oh yes, for information, the 5-star artifact that you can get in this mission, Royal Flora, is part of the Nobles Oblige set. So it is really worth it for those of you who are looking for 5-star artifacts easily!

How are you? Interested in carrying out this dangerous Genshin Impact mission?

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