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How to Clear Chrome Browsing Data Easily

Vexa Game – How to Clear Chrome Browsing Data Easily. Chrome is a browser with reliable speed and security. This browser has advantages, namely where the design of the user interface is minimalistic, is directly connected to a Google search page and supports many extensions. It also provides a theme for a browser display that can be integrated with an internet download manager.

The activities we do while browsing or searching in the Chrome browser create a lot of browsing data in the Chrome application which can cause extra memory in the Chrome memory. Hence, we need to delete the data stored in the Chrome browser, but a lot of us rarely clean up historical data because it takes too many processes to delete.

Some Ways to Clear Chrome Browsing Data Easily

What is the solution for quickly deleting existing browser data? Well, that has to be a question from some computer browsers. This time the administrator shares several options for several operating systems used on your device or device.

This method uses the keyboard shortcuts. The system works by opening the Chrome browser and then directly pressing the keyboard shortcut key in any tab or window. Here are the keyboard shortcut keys for each device.

  • Mac : Press Command + Shift + Backspace
  • window : Press Ctrl + Shift + Delete
  • Linux : Press Ctrl + Shift + Delete
  • iPhones and iPads (with keyboard entry): Press Command + Y
  • Chromebook : Press Ctrl + Shift + Backspace

After pressing the combination button to quickly clear the browsing data, the browser will automatically redirect to the chrome: // settings / clearBrowserData page. Then just click on Clear Data to clear the browsing data.

Before clearing the browser, there are several ways to clear the data, including:

  1. The browsing history is search data when we surf the web
  2. Download history is historical data that includes downloaded data
  3. Cookies and other site data are data or files that are automatically generated by the sites that users visit.
  4. Cached pictures and files are data that contain cached pictures
  5. Passwords and other login data are clean data about usernames and passwords or accounts that have been logged in and saved in the browser.
  6. Auto-fill data is data related to the automatic filling of a form on the website.
  7. Site settings are data that contain settings on a site
  8. Hosted app data

If you have then made a selection in the Chrome browser which data should be deleted, click on Delete data, then the browser processes the deletion of the browser data.

The function of clearing browsing data in the browser is to protect the privacy data of the user if the browsing history of this data contains sensitive or private data. In addition, it is also used to increase the speed of system performance by losing or deleting unused junk files. Another feature of clearing browsing data is to free up a device’s memory or hard drive.

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That was the review of how to clear Chrome browsing data easily and quickly. So you don’t have to be lazy and complicated about clearing browsing data. Hopefully useful, Friend Vexa Game

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