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How to clean the motherboard properly and properly

How to Clean the Motherboard Properly and Correctly – The motherboard is a container or space for the components that are attached to a computer system. Components attached to the motherboard include the processor, power supply, and various other system input or output components.

The function of the motherboard is not just a place for components, but also for electrical current to flow to each component that is connected to the motherboard. Even the mainboard itself will run into problems without maintenance.

The problem that often results in motherboard being damaged easily is dust. Dust is the cause of damage to the motherboard as it can interfere with the process of connecting the motherboard to components or peripherals in the computer

Some ways to properly and properly clean the motherboard

Usually the computer experiences excessive heat or damage that occurs on the motherboard Overheating because there is a build-up of dust around the hardware that hinders the process. Also, the exhaust air feels hotter and the fan or fan in the computer is not working normally.

Therefore, in this discussion, the administrator will discuss various ways to properly and correctly clean the motherboard himself. Cleaning the motherboard should not be negligent, it must also know the tools that are suitable for cleaning the motherboard and the correct steps not to damage the motherboard.

The tools needed to clean the computer motherboard are:

  • A screwdriver has a function of removing the screws that are attached to the motherboard.
  • Soft Brush has a function to remove the dust that is stuck to the motherboard.
  • Pencil eraser, this tool is used to clean the plunger of dust that is stuck to the plunger.
  • Thermal paste is a liquid that is used to speed up the process of heat transfer to the processor in the heat sink. This means that the processor is not cooled with thermal paste, but accelerates the heating process so that the processor does not heat up as quickly.
  • IPA liquid is an alcoholic liquid specially designed for use on printed circuit boards such as PCB, motherboard, VGA and memory.

Steps or ways to clean the motherboard include:

1. Disconnect any attached components or peripherals and cables that are connected to the motherboard with a screwdriver.

The goal is to avoid the flow of current through the motherboard so as not to get electrocuted while cleaning. In addition, it can also make cleaning sockets, connections that contain dust and dirt easier in more detail and faster.


2. Then clean the adhering dust with a soft brush.

Soft brush was chosen because it cannot scratch the mainboard. Because if one of the connected sockets or ports is scratched or broken, the performance of the mainboard for connection to certain components or peripheral devices may not suffer or may even be damaged.

How do I clean the mainboard?

3. Then clean the dust from any components or peripheral devices installed on the mainboard

B. fans, processors, RAM, VGA cards, input and output ports with a cloth, a soft brush, a paper towel or a special liquid or IPA liquid.

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4. Then apply thermal paste to the processor to speed up the thermal process from the heat sink to the processor


5. Clean any dust that clings to the motherboard’s small components

Cleaning can be done with a soft brush / cloth / IPA liquid under the following conditions.

  • IPA liquid can be used to clean PCI Express expansion slots, ISAs, AGP slots, RAM slots, and others that are framed in green
  • The yellow box is first cleaned with a soft brush and then with a cloth or soft cloth. These components are like the container that holds the processor
  • The components contained in the red box can then be cleaned with a soft brush. These components include a USB connector, an audio connector, and so on.

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So we need a special method to properly and properly clean the motherboard. So it doesn’t damage the socket or break the circuits on the motherboard. Hopefully useful, friend Vexa Game

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