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How to check your leaked account on the internet

In May 2021, the leak of 91 million Tokopedia user data went viral and it was reported that this data was being sold on the dark web at a price of $ 5,000 or around 72 million rupiah, the data stolen was no joke, the hacker managed to steal name, email, cell phone number, addresses and even passwords, even though they are still blocked. Of course, my friend is curious as to whether your account is one of the stolen data? Hence, the administrator will share how to verify your account leaked on the internet. You can apply this method not only to Tokopedia data theft cases but also to cases of data theft on other large websites / applications like Bukalapak. So, how? see the following explanation

How to check your leaked account on the internet

Reporting off various information, there are many platforms for account verification that have been leaked or hacked by hackers, one of whom is using Firefox Monitor. The method is very simple, just write your email address in the input form and click Check for breaks. You can go to this link:

Firefox monitor
Firefox monitor

After that, your online platform accounts that have been stolen by hackers or posted on the dark web or something else will appear

Firefox Monitor Pwned

Well, it turns out that Mimin’s Bukalapak and Canva accounts were stolen and leaked. Fortunately, the account doesn’t store financial data or other things that are quite risky, even if I just register and don’t make any transactions there. If your account is found stolen, change your password immediately and enable two-factor authentication.

Firefox Monitor performs a scan with the assistance of Have I Been Pwned. You can also do a scan through the site. And there is also information about hacked online platforms as well as details about the hacks.

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Shut down

This is my friend how to check your account leaked on the internet. We need to understand that nothing is safe on the internet. Our personal information can easily be stolen by irresponsible individuals and traded for personal or group interests. The administrator therefore recommends that you always be vigilant when doing transactions in cyberspace. If you have other references to sites that can scan data leaks, you can include information in the comments column, OK! That’s all and thank you

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