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How to change the ringtone for the latest line notification

How to change the last line notification ringtone – Line is an application that is widely used from children to adults. Because of its popularity, the line has many features that it offers its customers. The features offered by the LINE application are chat features, video calls, sticker lines, and lastly, notification ringtones.
How to change the last line notification ringtone

So here I am going to share with friends how to change or change the notification ringtone in the LINE application. Due to line notifications being just like that, it doesn’t hurt if we try to change the notification tone to our liking and my friend doesn’t need root access / no root.


1. Friend, first open the LINE application and then go to the other part of the page (three-dot logo). Then click on the logo Gears / settings It’s in the upper right corner of the application page.

2. Next, for those of you who want to change the notification sound, you can go to the page Settings> Notifications

3. Then when you get to the notification page, scroll down and look for the menu notification

4. Search menu Ringtone below and click on the menu. Next, all you have to do is customize the ringtone you want to use for notifications as well as likes and comments

Note: When you want to change the notification sound for a function Chat, my friend can select the OpenChat activity option in the column Open chat in the notification settings. Plus, if you want to change the notification sound, like and comment. Buddy can select the Notification Settings option in the column. choose Timeline in the notification settings and for advanced methods you can follow the tutorial in this article.

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So the article on changing the notification sound online. Hopefully it will be useful and don’t forget to share it with your friends who will also want to change the line’s ringtone. Many Thanks.


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