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How to change the Mobile Legends server Bang Bang Easy

How to Change Mobile Legends Bang Bang Server – In an online game you know the name very well, of course server. This is because the server is a tool that brings all users or players of a given game together into one. This server is also included in the game Mobile Legends Bang Bang. This server can be used for Tester, Map, Hero and many more. The server in Mobile Legends is called Extended server.

How To Change Mobile Legends Bang Bang Server How To Change Mobile Legends Bang Bang Server Easy
To change the Mobile Legends server, all you have to do is enter the chapter profile and when you click on it, chapters will appear Advance server in the following chapter. But first, make sure the account is on bind so that anything undesirable can be minimized. Also read: Build Layla Mobile Legends with high damage.

When you press the chapter, your mobile legends will be reloaded automatically. With such server changes, Mobile Legends players will have the option to purchase packs or download data. The question now is … What are the advantages of Advance Server?

Advantages of changing the Advance Server in Mobile Legends

Here are some perks of switching servers on mobile legends, bang bang. Please see if you understand this material.

Update faster

Of course you already know what it is tester. If you change the mobile legend server, you will receive updates faster than the default mobile legend server. The advantage on this server is that you can test cards, heroes, events and much more that have not yet been published.

Few players and less lag

If you want to play mobile legends without delay, you can try moving the server to the Advance server. Basically, that’s because not too many users are playing mobile legends. This can help overcome Mobile Legends crashes or delays.

Another view for changing servers in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends has an advanced server, you can modify this server and get the information before normal server players know what Mobile Legends updates are. It is very easy to do this.

What is Advance Server Mobile Legends? It serves as a proving ground where eligible players can try out upcoming updates before their general rollout. While in other MOBAs you need a direct account for this, in Mobile Legends you just need to be an Android user, play in the Southeast Asia region, have levels above 20 and have adequate latency to access the server.

Some frequently asked questions about Advance Server can be found below:

1. Is Advance Server temporary?

Nothing is permanent and this will be a test of new heroes, new skins, and new updates.

2. Advantages and disadvantages of playing Mobile Legends on the Advance Server?

As a test area, it is necessary that there will be a lot of bugs on this server. Even if you are playing on two servers it will distract you which account you are going to focus on in order to level up. The fact is that you cannot play at the same time, especially when you reach the legend level and you need a lot of victories (stars) to become a beautiful legend. Even as a new server, all of your skins progress will be updated. Unless you really want to support this game and spending money is not an issue that you can spend on either server.

This is what the administrator found out in the “Disadvantages” section of playing mobile legends on the Advance Server. As for the perks, of course, you can play heroes before their release, before they are released in general. This gives you an idea of ​​what could happen in the future. The admin also likes to play with advanced players on this server. As mentioned above, only level 20 above and stable can be played on the Advance Server. This is a good guarantee that you are working with players who have decent connections and with advanced players as they are already level 20 on the original server.

3. Can I return to the main server after using the Advance Server?

This is the concern of most gamers. You don’t want to test Advance Server if you’re still worried. Because they fear that doing so will erase their progress from the original server. The administrator understands that some players are critically endangered because their game is not tied to a Facebook or Google account. Now you have to surely bind your account on Facebook or Google. In this case, you are actually not changing the account, but the server. You can always come back from your main server.

With your concerns answered above, let’s try Advance Server and together we can enjoy a brighter future for Mobile Legends.

That is the administrator’s explanation too How to change Mobile Legends Bang Bang server Simple. Hopefully with this guide you will understand more about how to switch servers in Mobile Legends. Also read: 3 ways to play Mobile Legends on PC.