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How to Call Back Friends in FF 2021, 19,999 Diamonds Free!

How to call friends back on ff 2021 – Free Fire is hosting another call back event where you can win attractive prizes. For those of you who don’t know, this Call Back Event is an event that requires you to call your friends who haven’t played Free Fire in a long time to log in

If your friend logs in successfully with your invitation, you and your friend will receive an attractive gift, namely the Blue Summer Box. There are 19,999 diamonds in the Blue Summer Box, which you can get hold of with a little luck.

You will also receive additional prizes in the form of Character Lvl 4 cards when you invite 7 friends, Character Lvl 6 cards when you invite 9 friends, and Bonus Character Lvl 8 cards when you invite Can invite 12 friends.

How to call friends back on ff 2021
How to call friends back on ff 2021

The maximum number of friends you can invite to this callback event is 12 people. Your friends don’t need to be signed in to Free Fire for at least a week.

How to call friends back on Facebookree fire 2021

Calling a friend in the call back event is very easy. Below are the steps to call friends at the Free Fire 2021 Call Back Event:

  1. Go to the Events page> select Event Recall> press the Visit button to enter the main event recall page.
  2. Hit the Callback button, then choose a friend who hasn’t signed in to the Free Fire game in a long time.
  3. Press the invite button to share the invite link with your friends through social media or messages.

How to close the FF Call Back Event 2021 quickly

The quickest way to complete a callback event is to contact your friends directly.

Ask your friends to log in to the Free Fire game, then enter your ID in the call back event. If your friend is lazy to sign up, you can borrow your friend’s account for a while.

In addition, you can also use your old account to complete missions in the recall event. Here’s how:

  1. First, copy your Free Fire game ID.
  2. Log into the Free Fire game with your old account.
  3. Go to the Events menu> select Event Recall> press the visit button.
  4. Then enter your ID in the column Enter the invitee ID ?? and then press the confirmation button.
  5. Add as friend if your old account is not friends with the one you are currently using.
  6. Sign back in to your main account and then sign back in to the event recall page. Hit the Get button to get the rewards you get for inviting friends.

These are some ways to complete missions in the Free Fire 2021 Call Back Event.

The more friends you invite, the greater your chance of 19,999 diamonds.

In addition to this article on the Call Back Event, I wish you the best of luck in getting 19,999 diamonds!