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How to buy and complete missions

oriental maiden pubg mobile – PUBG has just released a new set, the Oriental Maiden. You can get this Oriental Maiden set right now at a pretty cheap price as Oriental Maiden is currently 90% discounted.

You have to buy this Oriental Maiden PUBG Mobile as there is an event where you will have to use the Oriental Maiden set to complete the mission.

Just read on to find out more about Oriental Maiden PUBG.

Oriental Maiden PUBG Mobile

What is Oriental Maiden PUBG? Oriental Maiden is the latest set to be released in the PUBG game.

This Oriental Maiden Set is a set of female characters with the theme of the typical Chinese female appearance.

Black and blue dominate this Oriental Maiden set. The clothes in this set are typical Chinese clothes, which can make the character even cuter.

This oriental girls set also includes a super cool blue sneaker.

How to Buy Oriental Maiden PUBG Mobile

This Oriental Maiden set actually costs 1,500 UC. But right now, PUBG is offering a 90% discount so you only have to pay 150 UC to get this Oriental Maiden Set.

This 90% discount is only valid until June 29, 2021, so if you’re interested, buy it now.

Buying Oriental Maiden PUBG is also very easy as there is no need to do a gacha.

To buy the PUBG Oriental Maiden Set, you can go directly to the shop menu. Then go to Treasure and purchase the Oriental Maiden Gift Package which is only 150 UC.

How to complete the PUBG Mobile Oriental Maiden Mission

The PUBG game also has a traverse event where you can exchange exclusive vouchers for attractive prizes.

In case there is a mission where you will need to use the Oriental Maiden Set.

You can enter events and then click the Limited Exclusive: Collect menu. Missions will appear such as complete 1 match while wearing Oriental Maiden (complete 1 match if using Oriental Maiden).

To complete the mission while wearing Oriental Maiden, you will need to purchase the Oriental Maiden set.

Wear the Oriental Maiden set, then play as many times as the Limited Exclusive Mission requires to complete the mission.

That’s all and so we can complete the PUBG Oriental Maiden mission that we can broker this time. Hurry up and buy Oriental Maiden PUBG before you run out of 90% off at PUBG.

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