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How to bring Harvest Moon back to nature

How to bring Harvest Moon back to nature – Is a game from Natsume Inc that accompanied your childhood. Released as a Playstation 1 game where you have to take on the role of a farmer and take care of the garden your late grandfather left behind.

There are several types of events to attend over time, one of the most anticipated events is the cockfighting event, the tomato war, and the horse racing. You can get a horse for free, find out how to do it here!

How to bring Harvest Moon back to nature

How to bring Harvest Moon back to nature
How to bring Harvest Moon back to nature

At events in the form of horse races, you will receive prizes in the form of medals that you can exchange. These gifts are also very valuable for your mission. Well the first thing you must have is a horse. How to get a horse:

  1. You need to give Barley a present that you can easily give away an egg boiled at the spa of.
  2. Talk to Barley every day until you become friends.
  3. Meet Barley and May from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Jodelfarm
  4. You’ll find her standing there, confused by an unkempt pony
  5. You will address them
  6. Choose the option that you are ready to take care of the horse
  7. Specify name
  8. Barley automatically delivers the horse to your farm peternakan
  9. You already have a small horse to take care of until it grows up
  10. Brush him every day to make him love you
  11. If you’re not careful, Barley will take the horse

Tips for winning horse racing bets

If you do not yet own a horse, take part in this racing event as a bettor. You will get a lot of medals if your bet is correct. The tip to win the bet is to choose the racer with the lowest odds. When you have enough cash, buy the ticket up to 99. Do this until the next round.

Tips for winning horse races

How to bring Harvest Moon back to nature
How to bring Harvest Moon back to nature
  1. If your horse is big, you can take part in horse races. There will be instructions from the mayor. Hold the X button to get your horse running and press the X button to increase the speed.
  2. The words “Get Ready” will appear on the screen, at this point you can immediately hold the X button and press it when the heart condition turns green
  3. When the heart changes color to yellow, don’t press the X button, just hold it down
  4. The heart that has turned green again, then you can press X again to speed it up
  5. The condition of the heart color at the start of the game can also determine your win percentage, so take good care of your horse

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Vexa friends already know how to bring horses back to nature in Harvest Moon, which you get for free. Always take care of your horse so you can race and win medals! Play the game wisely and rest. If you want to share something, e.g. B. Tips, tricks and reviews, please share them in the comment column. OK!

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