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How to block illegal WiFi users on PCs and smartphones

The Internet has now become a basic need of the global community. In the past it was quite difficult for people to get internet access. There are several tools you need to prepare for Internet access, such as modems, LAN cables, routers, etc. But everything has changed since the invention of wireless networking Wireless LAN. One tangible form is the existence of WiFi, which is very helpful in having a fast and trouble-free internet connection. WiFi can be used on different types of devices such as PCs, laptops, and smartphones. However, in this modern time, some people want to access the free internet without quota by becoming illegal users. Surely you get angry, don’t you, when WiFi is used by strangers? Don’t worry friend, you will know how to block illegal WiFi users in the discussion below.

Get to know WiFi and hotspots

WLAN hotspot - the future of the internet |  WLAN hotspot, WLAN, hotspot

Before knowing how to block illegal WiFi users, you need to know what WiFi and hotspot are. WiFi stands for Wireless Fidelity and is a computer technology that connects one device to another, such as cell phones and televisions, over a wireless network based on the IEE (Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers) 802.11 standards. WiFi is often installed in homes, offices, and schools to support various activities and jobs. When you hear the term WiFi it must refer to hostpot. Hotspot is an area or area that can still be reached by WiFi signals transmitted in public places or in certain rooms. This allows someone near your school, office, or home to use the WiFi.

Have Vexa friends ever experienced a slow WiFi connection? This is usually due to the large number of WiFi users, friend. Especially if the user is a foreigner who deliberately wants to surf the internet. Hence, my friend needs to know how to block illegal wifi users easily. .

How to block illegal WiFi users on PCs and smartphones

Here are the steps on how to block WiFi users from different devices

Block from Android phone

  1. Open menu Settings
  2. Click the Portable Hotspot & Tethering menu.
  3. Go to the Connection menu to view connected users
  4. Next you will see some connected device names
  5. Click on the device name to block – select an option Clear or add to blacklist

Block Wifi users with Block Wifi Freeloader

  1. Download and install the Block Wifi Freeloader application
  2. Buddy make sure the device is connected to WiFi and know which devices are connected
  3. Next Open the app – click on Scan Again
  4. In the next step you have to change the device status of the connected device to known for known users when switching to Stranger for unknown devices.
  5. Go to the Route Manager menu – click Block
How to block WiFi users

Block WiFi users on laptops and PCs

  • Open the app – click Let’s Start to scan connected devices
  • Wait for the scan to finish, then click Device Details to find out which devices are connected to the WiFi
How to block WiFi users
  • Click on the unknown device to record its MAC address
How to block WiFi users

Remarks: The MAC address can be used for blocking via PC devices. The method is

  • Enter the menu security and choose MAC filtering in the left column
  • Next, enable the MAC filter address
  • Click Mac Filtering Blacklist / Whitelist Options Opsi
  • In the filter table, enter the MAC address that you want to block
  • Enter 0 and 0 in the Start Time column, and 24 and 24 in the End Time column.

This means that the device with the MAC address cannot connect to your WLAN for 24 hours.

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Shut down

How to block illegal WiFi users is very simple and easy, isn’t it? WiFi is very useful indeed, friend, to support work activities in the technology age. However, if there are unknown wifi passengers who just want free internet access, they need to be weeded out. Blocking is a powerful way to overcome it, please try, friend. If you have any further questions, please ask them in the comment column. Stay safe and stay healthy!

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