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How to block annoying fraudulent SMS or spam

How to block annoying fraudulent SMS or spam. Different things in the commission of fraud either through different communication media platforms. Fraudsters often use short messages via SMS. Scammers use these text messages to send you a link or prize bait.

Of course, if only one message comes in, that’s not a big problem. However, when a lot of SMS are entered into our smartphone, it is very disturbed about the existence of the message. In addition, many scams not only use phone numbers but also website links in the message which pose a dangerous risk if we accidentally click the link.

Hence, in this discussion, we’re going to discuss how to block fraudulent or annoying spam SMS. So that users are aware of the dangers of this SMS message so as not to allow it any further.

Multiple ways to block annoying fraudulent SMS or spam

1. Use the function to block SMS messages or HP contacts Fitur Fit

We are going to take different ways to get rid of annoying messages on the device. One way to block fraudulent SMS or spam can be done right on the device using the message blocking feature.

Blocking SMS is very simple, first go to the Settings / Settings menu on the smartphone and then select the Apps or Applications menu. Then go to the system application’s settings menu and select the Call Settings menu. Then click on the Block list menu, select Block SMS list, enter the password or the number to be blocked.

2. Install the SMS blocking application

One of the other most powerful options is to use the Block SMS application available on the Playstore. Many app developers develop apps to block annoying messages or contacts frequently. You can use the Whoscall, Spam Blocker, Mr Number, Call Blocker and CallerID applications, among others.

These applications can remove fraudulent SMS messages or spam. In addition, it can also block incoming or annoying foreign number contact.

3. Report to the authorities

From December 2021, KEMKOMINFO (Ministry of Communications and Information Technology) has launched a service to report fraudulent SMS messages or spam to the relevant authorities. Reporting fraudulent SMS messages or spam to the authorities allows the authorities to track and block the number immediately.

You can report this by sending a screenshot of the uploaded message along with the contact number who sent the fraudulent SMS or spam to the Twitter account @aduanBRTI. Contacts sent to the account will be immediately blocked by the Indonesian Telecommunications Regulator or BRTI. Or visit the Ministry of Communication and Information’s complaint service page here.

4. If it still doesn’t work, change the mobile number


The most common measure to avoid fraudulent SMS terror if you are still experiencing fraudulent SMS terror is to change your cell phone number. By changing the cell phone number, the data goes back to the beginning, so that fraudulent SMS are rarely received.

However, if we are not careful while browsing the internet, we will most likely give up our contact details. This is why you often receive fraudulent SMS or spam from foreign numbers. So be careful and protect your privacy as much as possible so that our data is not disseminated anywhere.

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Shut down

That was the article on how to block fraudulent or spam SMS messages, which are often annoying. Don’t forget to always be careful and avoid clicking links or other things to protect your device and personal information. Hopefully useful, friends Vexa Game.

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