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How to block ads in Firefox using AdBlocker Ultimate

The internet has become a necessity for everyone in this day and age. The internet is used to find a wide variety of information and entertainment across devices. Surely Vexa friends surf the Internet a lot too, right? Well, do you often bother with pop-up ads that sometimes or even often appear when you open a website? You can block these ads so that the activity of finding information on the site goes smoothly. If you don’t know Vexa friends, here’s how to block ads in Firefox.

Pop-up ads in Mozilla Firefox

Before knowing how to block ads in Firefox, you need to know what pop-up ads are. In principle, we cannot avoid advertising on a website as that is the authority of the website owner, friend.

Pop-up ads are ads that appear automatically when we open or visit a website. These ads are usually displayed at the bottom or top of the active Mozilla Firefox window. The size of the display window varies, but does not cover the entire screen of the browser.

How to block ads in Firefox

Firefox itself also offers various alternatives for this. There are 3 recommended ad blockers from Firefox, namely:

  1. AdBlocker Ultimate : With the help of AdBlocker Ultimate, you can stop popup ads that appear on social media platforms or sites by viewing the number of ads blocked.
  2. Pop-up blocker: With the pop-up blocker, you can control the appearance of annoying pop-up advertisements and get rid of them
  3. Ad blockers : It is one of the most popular ad blockers and can be used in multiple browsers such as Safari, Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. You can block ads on Facebook or YouTube with the help of AdBlock

Well this time my friend we are going to show you how to use AdBlocker Ultimate to block ads in Firefox. Let’s just look at the steps below

  • First, open the Firefox browser, click the three line icon in the top right corner and select Add-ons. Another possibility is directly by pressing the key combination Ctrl + Shift + A
How to block ads in Firefox
  • Next, when you get to the Add-Ons menu, enter the name Adblocker Ultimate in the search box.
  • Then press Add to Firefox, it will download AdBlock Ultimate
How to block ads in Firefox
  • After the download is complete, click Add to in the displayed popup. Then click Okay, got it
How to block ads in Firefox
  • AdBlocker Ultimate has now been successfully installed on Mozilla Firefox
  • Well if it’s already installed it’s time to try it out friend. When you open Youtube no ads appear and you can see the number of blocked ads on the AddBlocker Ultimate icon
How to block ads in Firefox

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Shut down

Ads in the Mozilla Firefox browser sometimes make it difficult to find information or read the content of a platform or website. Vexa friends can now break free of these obstacles by blocking ads in Firefox. However, the author recommends this method for advertisements that are very annoying because they appear often and are in large numbers, friend. Please try and hopefully useful.

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