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How to block ads in Chrome on PC and smartphone

Online ads or pop-ups sometimes annoy users while browsing the internet. These ads usually appear suddenly when a user opens a website in a web browser such as Chrome. Do friends of Vexa often experience this too? Of course, you’re annoyed because the ads actually cover what you’ve read. Now, in order to overcome this, it turns out that there is a way, you know, friend. You need to know how to block ads in Chrome on PCs and smartphones. Read on for the rating below.

Pop-up ads in the Chrome web browser

How to block ads in Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most widely used web browsers by internet users. No wonder Chrome is always rolling out feature updates for ease of use. This web browser basically has a lot of plugins one of which is to remove ads, friend.

The sudden appearance of advertisements while browsing on your phone or laptop is usually due to the fact that you are accessing a website through the Chrome application itself. Well then the website you are accessing will ask for permission to display ads and you may not realize that you allowed the operation. If so, how do you keep pop-up ads from reappearing? Let’s review the discussion below

4 ways to block ads in Chrome

Blocking ads on a web browser is actually fine, friend. Ad blocker features or apps are useful for stopping irrelevant or bad advertisements. How to block ads in Chrome

Block ads from PC
  • First, open the Chrome web browser on your computer or laptop
  • Next, click the icon with the three vertical dots in the upper right corner
How to block ads in Chrome
  • Select “Settings” in the bottom menu
  • From the Settings menu, click the Privacy & Security option
  • Then select “Site Settings”
  • Next, scroll down and select Pop-ups and Redirects
  • If you want to block ads, switch to the blocked option. You can also choose which websites are blocked or allowed
How to block ads in Chrome
Block advertising via smartphone
  • Please open the Chrome browser application on the phone
  • Select the three-dot icon in the upper right corner of the main page
  • click Settings – site settings
  • Select next Notifications
  • In the notification area you will see two detailed options viz clogged and permitted. block for the site you want to block while Permitted for websites for which you are allowed to view notifications
  • Enter the site name in the block section
  • Another option is to enable notifications, namely Before you allow websites to send notifications, ask first
Block ads from extensions
  • Buddy can use this Chrome extension link or the Chrome browser and press Enter on the PC keyboard
  • Enter the name of the extension like AdBlock Plus in the search box
How to block ads in Chrome
  • Then click the extension you want and then click Add to Chrome
  • When a pop-up installation message appears, click Add Extension
  • Wait a few seconds for the extension to install successfully
Ad unit without extension

Another option is to block ads with no apps or extensions, friend. This new feature in Chrome is called Strong ad intervention which is used to block ads.

  • Chrome users can now block ads without the need for ad blockers to install extensions or third-party software.
  • It’s pretty easy, brother. All you have to do is copy the link below chrome: // flags / # enable-heavy-ad-intervention in the Chrome browser.
  • Change the setting to Enabled, then click Restart
  • Wait a while and Google will block all ads that are using a lot of system resources.

Note: Remember my friend, to use this feature, make sure you have the latest version of Chrome which is Chrome 80.

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Shut down

We are sometimes very confused by the appearance of pop-up ads as some ads actually cover the content of the website or even the ads that are shown are not informative. Hence, you need to block ads in web browsers like Chrome. These are some ways to block ads in Chrome that you can easily try. Hopefully useful and good luck friend.

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