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How to Awaken Black Desert Mobile

How to awaken Black Desert Mobile to be an important thing for players to make the game more fun. However, awakening is a difficult thing for beginners as they are unfamiliar with the Black Desert Mobile game.

This Black Desert Mobile game has just released a mobile version in which players can already enjoy the game on their respective devices.

how to awaken black desert

So how do you get woken up? Awakening where you can make developments that make the game even more interesting. To do this, follow the steps below.

  1. First, you can open the menu and select the image of a bird’s feather. The symbol is a place to strengthen skills.
  2. When it does, you will see several quests for you to use.
  3. Before choosing the quest list, make sure you have completed the wizarding considerations such as: B. Talk to NPCs, interact with NPCs and equip dungeons next to the dungeon NPCs.
  4. When you wake up, you can upgrade weapons.

Then next is the final step where you need to go to the private fort and run it.

Mobile awakening of the black desert

The skill from this awakening has several skills that you must complete as follows.

  • The first ability, destroy 2000 monsters and each class has its own location. You can click on the search and the monster will come by itself.
  • Second ability, destroy 1200 monsters in ruins
  • The third skill, complete the world boss Kzark and finish 3 solo RB to be improved.
  • Fourth skill, complete World Boss Karanda and win three times in the game
  • Fifth skill, complete the world boss number and destroy 4000 monsters in the land of valor.

To do this, you can provide some of the equipment you need. Here is the right weapon for you.

  1. Primary weapon kills 3 world bosses
  2. Additional weapons kill 2000 mobs in the lava cave
  3. Helmet that defeats 10 solo bosses
  4. The glove is used to demolish 5 ancient ruins.
  5. Boots help kill 4000 monsters in Lands of Valor.

So are you interested in it? how to awaken Black Desert Mobile and win the game ?.

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