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How to activate Voice on under US Guaranteed You Can

how to activate the voice below us – In the game below us, the discussion becomes very important in deciding who should be thrown from the ship.

Typically, discussions in the Among Us game are conducted through the in-game chat function.

However, YouTubers and streamers can use voice messages to discuss the Among Us game. Then how do you turn the sound on on Among Us?

Check out the article we’re presenting this time around if you’re curious about how to activate voicemail in the Among Us game.

Enable Sound in Among Us

In general, Among Us does not have a voice function, so players can only discuss via in-game chat.

Discussing in chat is sometimes ineffective because there are things that are sometimes too complicated to convey in writing.

How to enable Voice on in the United States
Enable sound in the United States

Discussing with your voice frees you to ask, blame, and answer other people’s questions.

Unfortunately, Among Us does not yet offer a voice messaging feature that allows Among Us players to discuss language.

However, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to turn the sound on while playing Among Us games.

You can use an app called Discord to send voice messages while playing the Among Us game.

So activate the sound among us

To enable the sound in Among Us, you’ll need to install the Discord app from the App Store or Play Store. To turn on the sound in Among Us using Discord:

  1. Open the Discord application and click the Register button to create a Discord account. To register for a Discord account, you can enter your username, email address and password.
  2. After the Discord account has been successfully created, you will be able to log into your account.
  3. Next, either of you or your friend who wants to join among us must first create a server. To create a server, you can press the + key and then select Create Server.
  4. Enter the name of your server, then click Create Server.
  5. Share the link from your server by clicking the Share Link button. Send the server link to the friends you want to invite to mabar Among Us.
  6. For friends who want to join Mabar, you can click the link you provided. Then they need to click the Accept Invitation button to join your server.
  7. To turn the sound on, you can then press the menu button in the upper left corner. Then press the General button on your server and then click Join Voice to activate the voice.
  8. Allow Discord to access your microphone. Next, set the audio output to speakers or headphones if you’re using headphones.
  9. You are now connected to your friends by voice. Then you can open Among Us game and play together.

Since there is currently no voicemail feature in Among Us, you can use Discord as mentioned above.

That is enough written to describe how to activate the sound in this Among Us game, good luck!

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