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How do I get Scar Megalodon FF and the price

How do I get a megalodon scar? Recently, Evo Gun Scar Megalodon Alpha is present in Luck Royale in Free Fire.

Scar Megalodon Alpha is a powerful weapon that makes a lot of people want to get it.

Well, on this occasion we are going to tell you how to get the Scar Megalodon Weapon in Free Fire.

How do I get scar Megalodon FF
How do I get scar Megalodon FF

This article also tells you how much it costs and what spins it takes to get Scar Megalodon.

How do I get megalodon scar?

You can get Scar Megalodon through the Luck Royale feature. Hence, you need to prepare diamonds in order to be able to spin in Luck Royale. How to get the megalodon scar:

  1. Open the Free Fire game then you can go to the Luck Royale feature to access the Scar Megalodon Alpha Spin.
  2. Press the Evo Gun Megalodon Alpha button then you can select two unwanted prizes in the spin. That way, the two unwanted prizes are not included in the spin.
  3. Press the diamond button to turn Scar Megalodon Alpha in Luck Royale. The spin price will increase so you can spin based on the diamonds you have.

Total Spin Scar Megalodon

The number of spins you make to get Scar Megalodon Alpha depends on luck.

Those who are really lucky can get Scar Megalodon in a spin or two.

However, if you are out of luck, you will get a maximum of Scar Megalodon after eight spins.

Price from Scar Megalodon Free Fire

The price of this megalodon scar depends on the number of spins you do. Below is a list of the Spin Prizes that you need to spend to get Scar Megalodon FF:

  • 1st spin: 9 diamonds
  • 2nd spin: 19 diamonds
  • 3rd spin: 39 diamonds
  • 4th spin: 69 diamonds
  • 5th spin: 99 diamonds
  • 6th spin: 199 diamonds
  • 7th spin: 299 diamonds
  • 8. Spin: 599 diamonds

If you spin up to 3 times you will have to spend 67 diamonds.

However, if you are really unlucky and have to do 8 spins you will have to spend 1332 diamonds, which is roughly Rp.180,000.

That’s all we can say about how to get Scar Megalodon Alpha on Free Fire.

That’s all we can say, hopefully you are lucky enough to get Scar Megalodon FF for a great price.

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