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Hot smartphone? Here is the cause and how to overcome it

Causes of the rapid heating of smartphones – Vexa friends, some of you may feel that your favorite smartphone often feels hot to the touch, even though it has not been used for a long time. Do not rush to judge, because the smartphone gets hot quickly, so the quality is poor.

Many factors can trigger the appearance of heat on your favorite smartphone. Well, these are the factors that you need to know so that you can take predictive or preventive action. If so, what are these factors? Please read the continuation of the post below for the answer.

6 causes of smartphone overheating and how to overcome them

1. Your smartphone battery is starting to fail

Smartphone heats up quickly because the battery is damaged

Smartphones that feel hot after not being used for too long are often caused by a dramatic drop in battery performance. When this happens, it is a sign that your favorite smartphone battery is malfunctioning. The only way to solve this problem is to replace a new battery.

2. Your smartphone is often used for charging

Smartphones that heat up very quickly are often triggered by users’ own fault. One of them if you frequently use your smartphone while it is charged. Because the smartphone used heats up quickly when charging and the battery is quickly damaged. In fact, in some cases, the battery can explode, damaging your favorite smartphone and injuring you. So you have to stop using your smartphone while charging, vexa friend.

3. Activate many unnecessary applications on your smartphone

If you feel that your smartphone is getting hot very quickly, take a look at the applications that are installed and active on your mobile phone. Because the battery is often empty due to the many installed and active applications and heats up quickly. If so, all you need to do is uninstall or disable these applications. If you really need it later, activate it again.

4. The smartphone is placed near the heat source

Pictures from smartphones heat up quickly because they are charged often

Sometimes you get so busy doing something without realizing that your favorite smartphone is placed near a heat source such as a burning stove, near the stove, over the TV, and others. In this case, you need to immediately keep your favorite smartphone away from these sources of heat.

5. Your smartphone has been locked

Sometimes a smartphone emerges that feels hot very quickly because it has overlocks. Remember, have you ever overlocked your favorite smartphone because you wanted to improve its capabilities in standard conditions? If so, then that is one of the reasons why your favorite smartphone gets hot quickly. The solution, you need to rest your smartphone often when it feels hot. Because the nature of overlocks means that your smartphone will be forced to work beyond its capacity. If you’ve never done overlocks before, then never be tempted to do it for the reasons mentioned above.

6. Your smartphone has been used for too long

No matter, machines, people who work too long get tired and need rest. Likewise, with your favorite smartphone, you need to be careful when you use it. Especially when playing online games is cool, sometimes you can spend all day without realizing it. So, if you feel that your favorite smartphone has been used for too long, it is time to rest right away. The trick is to turn off the smartphone, remove the case and battery (if the battery is removable), and then let it sit for some time. Do not rush to activate it before making sure the smartphone is really cold.

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Shut down

Vexa friends, this is the information on the causes of smartphone overheating and how to overcome them. So, if you feel like your smartphone is warming up quickly lately, it may be due to one of the causes above.

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