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Heroes to be revamped in 2021

Hi folks, welcome back to Bangudinpro Review, thank you guys!
Today I am sure to provide more information on Mobile Legends. This time around, we’re going to discuss 6 heroes that will be revamped and unveiled on September 22nd, along with their build recommendations in Season 17 of Mobile Legend. Have a look at this !!.

Here are 6 remastered heroes in Mobile Legends

1. Alucard

Hero Alucard revision

Alucard is a fighter hero who has a high life steal and is easy to use. Alucard has Ability 1 that can jump to a predetermined area and make a blow that deals physical damage to all enemies in the area. In addition, Alucard has Ability 2 that can attack nearby enemies and deal physical damage to the enemy it hits. Alucard has the ultimate ability that can increase physical lifeblood and lock down opponents. The Lifesteal effect is increased and Alucard can shoot a powerful wave of attacks forward and inflict physical damage on the enemy.

Build Alucard

Alucard Revamp Item Items

2. Zilong

Hero Zilong revision

Zilong is a fighter-assassin specializing in chase damage that has the ability to chase or snap enemies and is easy to use. Zilong has Ability 1 that can lift enemies past him and reduce enemy defenses. Additionally, Zilong has the ultimate skill that can provide movement speed, attack speed and become immune to slow effects, making the skill very well suited for chasing enemies or escaping enemy attacks.

Zilong build

Zilong revision

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3. Miya

Hero Miya Revamp

Miya is a Hero Marksman who specializes in Reap Damage New in Revamp. Miya has Skill 1 that can quickly eliminate Wave Minions, including when farming and striking towers, and this skill is also useful for increasing the power of basic attacks. Also, Miya has the same ultimate ability as the Purify combat spell effect. So if you are CC, Stun, Disable, Freeze, etc it is not easy to beat.

Build Miya

Miya Revamp Item Items

4. Layla

Heroine Layla Revamp

Layla is the first Hero Marksman you get just playing Mobile Legend. Layla, reworked by Moonton, has long range ability and fairly large damage, making Layla’s hero reusable by mobile legend players. Layla has Ability 1 that can shoot Malefic Bombo forward, dealing physical damage and having a critical effect. Layla also has Ability 2 that can fire an exploding ball of energy, dealing physical damage and causing a slow effect to the enemy it hits. Additionally, Layla has a long-range ultimate ability that fires energy cannons and deals physical damage that can penetrate walls or rocks.

Build Layla

Layla revision.  items

5. Eudora

Hero Eudora Revamp

Eudora is a hero mage who specializes in controlling chest damage and dealing high damage. Eudora has Ability 1 that can spend Split Lightning to inflict damage on the enemy in a fan-shaped area in front of them and reduce their magical defense. In addition, Eudora has Ability 2, which can attack enemies with lightning, dealing damage and causing a stun effect. Eudora also has the ultimate ability to summon a large lightning storm that inflicts massive magical damage to all enemies standing close together.

Build Eudora

Eudora revision.  items

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6. Saber

Rework of the hero saber

Saber is an old assassin hero who will soon be reworked because he is less attractive to mobile legend players. For this hero’s difficulty level, it’s easy as Saber has the Ability 1 that can spend 4 flying swords, with each sword spinning temporarily and dealing physical damage to the enemy it hits. In addition, the saber has the ultimate ability that can lock the opponent and cause a knockup effect and continuously perform 3 attacks. So use this ultimate on the lowest HP enemy or use this ultimate when the enemy is in your tower as the damage will help you finish off your opponent.

Build sabers

Saber rework item

Okay come here first guys! Next, I’m going to give you more information about mobile legend heroes. If there are any suggestions as to which hero guides you would like to discuss, you can contact me using the contact form below. I’ll check out the hero guides later, ok!
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