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Hero who can beat Fanny

Hi folks, welcome back to Bangudinpro Review, thank you guys!
Today I am sure to give you a review of Mobile Legends that you can find in this review. So this Hero Fanny is one of the most powerful Assassin Heroes in Mobile Legends who has the ability to fly dangerously guys. Well this is a supporting character who has cable flying moves like Spiderman which is very deadly because he does high burst damage folks! Well, until now there are still many players confused about how to beat Fanny, including you!

How to Beat Fanny

1. Get to know Fanny first

Good OK! Before entering a suitable hero to defeat Fanny, I will first give brief information about Fanny. This is now a Hero Assassin who has 3 dangerous active skills. All abilities he has high damage so you have to be careful!

The first skill is Tornado Strike
Fanny turns her sword and damages the enemies around her boys.

The second skill is steel cable
This skill is the core skill of the Fanny Gaess hero. Fanny tossed the cable she was pulling into the first wall the cable hit. Each successful use of the skill changes the direction of flight, gaess, wow like Spiderman. If it hits it while flying, a tornado blow will be triggered. Dexterity is a dangerous skill when this fanny hero is used by the right user. Fanny will erode our hero’s HP near a wall by repeatedly bouncing the cable against the same wall when swiping, instantly automatically dead guys. When used correctly, this skill can also disrupt the formation of all enemies. Oh, this is really dangerous. Even so, this skill is very difficult to control, this skill has a very, very high level of difficulty so only certain people can play this fanny hero, guys.

The ultimate ability he has is cut throat
Fanny quickly launches an attack on the enemy and deals physical damage to the enemy affected by this ultimate fanny, guys! Therefore, he is more difficult to kill, especially when using items with the spell vamp effect.

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2. Learn Fanny’s weaknesses
We already knew what Fanny was like before. Now we learn what Fanny’s weakness is. Well, all Mobile Legends Heroes must have their respective strengths and weaknesses. In order to defeat this fanny, you must first study this weakness. I’m sure I’ll mention Fanny’s weakness.

First, Fanny is weak without a blue buff
Fanny will rely on the blue buff because without the blue buff her energy is very wasteful when using her skills.

The second, Fanny is weak against heroes CC
Fanny is weak against crowd control heroes like Stun, Knock UP, Koncok Back, Wow, remember!

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A suitable hero to defeat Fanny.
We already knew Fanny’s weakness before, well, which hero is suitable to defeat this Fanny. In the following I will give you a suitable hero to defeat Fanny

1. Chou fighter
This chou has The Way of Dragon ability that Fannys Steel Cable guys can thwart !. Then, along with various other offensive skill combos, Chou will definitely win against these fanny guys! Well, if Fanny uses Battle Spell Purify for example,
You are as smart as possible to be able to use the ultimate chou skill properly so as not to be canceled by the fanny-gaess. Now you can also take advantage of your tower by using the ultimate chou ability on your tower so that the tower can damage those fanny boys too.

2. Hayabusa assassin
Well, one of the heroes who has the invincibility ability that makes it up
Immune to all attacks when using the Ougi Shadow Kill ability, now when Fanny attacks and uses steel cables this Ougi Shadow Kill can be a very good defense and attack guys, wow Amazing!

3. Franco tanks
If Fanny moves to fly, that is Franco’s chance to use the ultimate bloodhunting ability to bite this Fanny so she won’t move. If you have a high IQ, you can use Iron Hook to catch this fanny when she’s flying.

So that’s it folks, the tips on how to defeat the Hero Fanny are hopefully very useful. Anyone who would like me to inform or check something can contact me ok.

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