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Hero Mobile Legends Two roles in one character

role Mobile Legends heroes in the season These 14 are more dominated than by magicians and snipers damage. While tanks and fighters followed because both Role heroes it is also important for the team composition. Assassin and support even less desirable, as it is considered a burden with two weak HP Role heroes these. But the most terrible thing is hero with two Roll, which one can use two emblem different.

hero with two role this is pretty well known in season 14 because it can change two types emblem The compatible. Players who use Role heroes so easy to customize emblem with the composition of the enemy heroes. Hero with two role can be incarnated as two types in one character, each having its own advantages. Who else? hero Mobile legends with two role and can be converted to multifunctional hero?

Gusion tournament


First there is Gusion with role Assassin / Mage currently subscribed to forbidden At the end season these. Gusion can compatible through the use emblem Assassins and magicians when competing Land of the Dawn. Most times player more confidence emblem Mage to increase the damage done by Gusion. But there are also Gusion users who embed emblem Assassin on him to become more agile and flood Robbery of life.

Then there was Lesley who was hero Mobile legends with role Sniper / assassin. Lesley has skills as a marksman, but with damage full critical like assassins. It can also mix with emblem Sniper and assassin depending on your play style User-his. However, professional player rely more on emblem Assassin as an add-on critical from the shot.

Next there is Balmond With Role heroes Hunter / tank and it could be hero giver damage or HP front man. The emblem customization for Balmond can be done after knowing the composition hero Enemies and fellow players. If none of your teammates are using a tank, Balmond can be paired with emblem Tank. When the team is tight hero giver Damage, Pair emblem Fighter to Balmond so he can become a fighter.

Lesley ML 2


Roger the Werewolf in Mobile Legends also has two Role heroes namely fighter / sniper. So that Roger’s attack takes effect slow down, player can wear the sniper emblem on him. If the player likes the addition Life robbery, then emblem Fighters can be compared to hero that werewolf. player can choose one of the two emblem The compatible on Roger depending on how you play.

There is also Lolita who has role Tank / support with defense Thickness and ability heal like a support hero. When Lolita is contrasted with an emblem support then damage and ability heal of which will increase. However, when lolita is given emblem Tanks then defense it gets thicker with reduction Damage. Generally Para player to use emblem Tanks that are considered to be very suitable for this hammer armor carrier tank.


Actually there are many hero with two role what’s in Mobile Legends Original server. But what has already been mentioned is what is used by many player At the end season these. Two role what they have makes them so hero what is dangerous for his enemies in Land of the Dawn.

The role of the Mobile Legends hero is very influential and determines the end result of the game in Indonesia Ranking mode. Gusion, Lesley, Roger, Balmond and Lolita are hero Mobile legends with two Role emblem which is pretty hard to beat. Do you gamers also use one of these while playing? Games Mobile legends?

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