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Hero meta in Season 18 Mobile Legend

Hi folks, welcome back to Bangudinpro Review, thank you guys!
Today I am sure to provide more information on Mobile Legends. This time around, we’re going to discuss 10 meta-heroes and their build recommendations in Season 18 of Mobile Legend. Have a look at this !!.

Here are 10 meta-heroes in Season 18 of Mobile Legends

1. Yi Sun Shin

Hero Yi Sun Shin

The first meta hero is Hero Yi Sun Shin. Yi Sun Shin is a sniper assassin hero who specializes in Reap Chase, which is very meta in season 18. Yi Sun Shin has a passive longbow or glaive to attack according to its distance and after each change of weapon the next two attacks are reinforced. So passive that this is the key to Yi Sun Shin’s damaging skill, which is meta in Season 17. Yi Sun Shin has Skill 1 that can attack forward with his sword to deal damage and provide immunity to crowd control when using this skill. Yi Sun Shin also has Ability 2, which allows him to swing his sword or shoot powerful arrows with his bow and activate his passive. Yi Sun Shin also has the ultimate skill that can spend 3 waves of cannon attacks on all enemy heroes. This ultimate ability can not only deal damage to opponents but also open a map to find out the opponent’s location or eliminate the opponent’s dying hero.

Build Yi Sun Shin. on

Item hero yi sunshine

2. Yu Zhong

Hero Yu Zhong

This second meta hero is Yu Zhong’s hero. Yu Zhong is a fighter hero who specializes in high damage rain damage and high life robbery. Yu Zhong has skill 1, which can cause damage to the area in a short time with his cloak. Yu Zhong also has Ability 2, which releases Dragon Soul, dealing physical damage, and slowing effects on the enemy. In addition, Yu Zhong has Ability 3 that can jump into a predetermined area, dealing physical damage and causing an airbone effect to the enemy it hits. Yu Zhong also has the ultimate ability that can transform into Black Dragon mode and gain immunity to crowd control, ignore obstacles, increase max HP and cause a knockback effect when the opponent’s hero is in the way. Upon exiting Black Dragon mode, Yu Zhong enters Dragonoid mode for 10 seconds, and during this mode, Yu Zhong gains an increase in distance and abilities through all of his abilities.

Build Yu Zhong

Yu Zhong article

3. Khaleed

Hero Khaleed

This third meta hero is the hero Khaleed. Khaleed is a Season 17 Meta Fighter Hero who has the ability of a Damage Regeneration Specialist who has extraordinary abilities. Khaleed Skill 1, which can turn the scimitar three times when it hits the opponent’s hero or creep, dealing high physical damage. This skill is the main damage skill of the hero Khaleed. In addition, Khaleed has Ability 2 that can restore his lost HP and reduce the damage taken, which prevents this hero from being recalled. Khaleed also has the ultimate ability to summon Sandstrom and run to a specified location, gain immunity to crowd control, and provide a knockback effect to enemies in its path. When he arrives at his destination, Khaleed shakes the ground, dealing physical damage and stunning the enemies hit. For the difficulty level of this hero, it’s easy to use. By unleashing his abilities, Khaleed can inflict enormous area damage on his opponent.

Build Khaleed

Khaleed hero items

4. Uranus

Uranus hero

This fourth meta-hero is Uranus hero. Uranus is a Rain Special Tanker Hero that is very annoying this season. Uranus has an ability that HP can continually regenerate so it’s not easy to beat. Uranus has abilities that can quickly regenerate its HP and increase its abilities. Uranus has ability 2 that can move to a specific location and produce energy shield and explode, dealing damage to the enemy. In addition, Uranus has an Ultimate Ability that can regenerate its HP and increase its strength. The gameplay of Hero Uranus as an offline is pretty simple, it’s just about keeping the tower safe and trying to cut through the minions in the enemy line to make it harder for the enemy and excite the enemy buff to get the enemy to lure us so that our team can push the enemy tower. So it is a hero bar that overwhelms the opponent, because in addition to its big HP, it also has a very fast HP regeneration.

Build Uranus

Uranus hero items

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5. Ling

Hero ling

This fifth meta hero is Ling’s hero. Ling is a heroic assassin with extraordinary abilities, where Ling can jump from wall to wall quickly and move anywhere on the battlefield, and Ling can quickly escape from danger. Ling has the Defiant Sword skill that can deal permanent critical damage, and this skill can deal large burst damage. In addition, Ling has a very deadly ultimate ability that allows him to jump in the air and turn off his swordsmanship and become invincible and move freely and cause a high knock effect area. So this ultimate skill can help Ling avoid fatal damage, and Ling can cause a crowd control effect when hitting an opponent with the core of this skill. By touching the field eye, Ling can reset Defiant Sword, restore Lightness Point and cause Burst Damage.

Build Ling

ling hero items

6. Esmeralda

Hero esmeralda

This sixth meta hero is the heroine Esmeralda. Esmeralda is a very powerful mage who has a thick shield and is therefore not easy to beat. In addition to being quite durable, Esmeralda has the advantage of being able to create a shield for herself and taking a nearby opponent’s shield to become a shield for herself. The gameplay of heroine Esmeralda is pretty simple, removing her skills always allows her to approach her enemies quickly. Even if she is often denied, Esmeralda is still over and becoming a ranking ban subscription.

Build Esmeralda

esmeralda hero items

7. Change

Hero change

This seventh meta hero has change. Chang’e is a magical hero who specializes in poke chest damage and is low in difficulty. Change has Ability 1 that can shoot energy balls forward, dealing magical damage and causing a slow effect. Also, Chang’e has an ability that Crescent Moon can summon to bless him with a shield and increase his movement speed. Chang’e also has the ultimate ability that can gather strength and increase his movement speed. Meanwhile, he sends 30 meteor showers forward and continuously inflicts magical damage on the enemies hit. Chang’e is now used by all mobile legend players to win ranked matches. The cause of change’e is often used because of the extraordinary damage ability. Other than that, Chang’e has the ultimate ability to do great damage to enemies or steal Buffs or Lords from enemies, wow amazing.

Build change

Heroes change items

8. Hilda

hilda heroes

This eighth meta hero is Hilda’s hero. Hilda is a tank fighter who has pretty high durability and offense that was meta last season. For Hilda’s difficulty level, it’s very easy to have a passive that can regenerate HP in the bushes, which makes Hilda an anti-recal, especially the damage to Hilda’s hero that Hilda’s hero now has to reckon with. Hilda has ability 1 that can increase her movement speed, which is good for chasing down or escaping from enemies. In addition, Hilda has the ultimate ability to perform Slash at full power, dealing high damage and stuning the target.

Build Hilda

hilda hero items

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9. Balmond

Hero Balmond

This ninth meta hero has a Balmond hero. Balmond is a tank destroyer hero with fairly high durability and offense, recently upgraded by Moonton. For the level of difficulty Balmond it is very easy to switch in the given direction with skill 1 and this skill in the buff further changes the distance. Balmond also has Skill 2 that can continuously damage nearby enemies, and that skill is also a buff in terms of damage, so this 2 Balmond skill will be more painful for the time being. In addition, Balmond has the ultimate skill, which in the future in the form of a fan can quickly inflict True Damage to a predetermined area and inflict high and slow damage to the enemy hit.

Build Balmond

Balmond hero items

10. Valir

Hero valir

The last meta hero is a valir hero. Valir is an easy-to-use specialist in Damage Guard hero mages. Valir has Ability 1 that can send Fireball in the specified direction. The fireball will explode, inflicting magical damage on the opponent and if the fireball’s first target is the opponent’s hero, Valir will get his fireball stack back. In addition to this, Valir also has Ability 2 that can release a stream of fire forward, dealing magical damage and causing a knockback effect. Valir also has the ultimate skill that can remove all CC effects and buff the damage skills of Chest Fireball and Searing Electricity.

Build Valir

valir hero items

Okay come here first guys! Next, I’m going to give you more information about mobile legend heroes. If there are any suggestions as to which hero guides you would like to discuss, you can contact me using the contact form below. I’ll check out the hero guides later, ok!
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