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Hero Atlas Mobile Legends officially launched, here are a number of skills

Atlas Mobile Legends hero display. (Facebook / ML_Leaks – Mobile Legends) – Hero Atlas Mobile Legends has finally launched, although it is still on the Advanced Server (not yet on the Original Server). Atlas is a tank hero with pretty lethal damage.

The skill effect he has is quite annoying, especially his ultimate skill which can attract 5 heroes at the same time.

In terms of his ultimate ability, Atlas is very similar to Franco, who is famous for his hook ability.

More difficult, hook-like fatal links can create chains and pull multiple heroes (up to 5 heroes at the same time) into the specified target.

Judging from the background of the story, Atlas is a tentacled creature trapped in a super dark forbidden place called the Abyssal Sea.

Atlas Mobile Legends hero display.  (
Atlas Mobile Legends hero display. (

There were extraordinary and indescribable creatures in the Abyssal Sea, including Atlas.

They are one of the oldest living beings in the land of the dawn and eat elemental sentient beings for power.

That is why they were imprisoned by the Ancient Ones and restrained by the mighty power of disposition.

Atlas is the only prisoner who can escape and eventually gets a strong skeleton in the form of Mecha Sentry.

Don’t get me wrong, Atlas is not the robot as it looks in the picture. But he’s a tentacle creature that controls a robot in the form of a mecha guardian to fight (Atlas appears when the second ability is spent).

Atlas Mobile Legends hero background.  (
Atlas Mobile Legends hero background. (

Three skills Atlas possesses are Annihilate (skill one), Perfect Match (skill two), and Fatal Links (skill three or ultimate).

These three skills are accompanied by a passive skill in the form of Frigid Breath.

Passive skills allow targets that are on Icy Breath for 1 second to be slowed 40 percent (created once in 3 seconds).

Atlas is a specialist in crowd control and initiators, so it is very useful when used as a trigger for attacks against multiple heroes at the same time.

The first skill, or Annihilate, allows Atlas to hit the ground and cause 3 explosions. Each explosion deals 250/280/310/240/370/400 (+70 percent total magic power) magic damage to enemies.

Perfect Match or the second skill will make Atlas out of Mecha Sentry and give 360/400/440/480/520/560 (+55 percent total magic power) magic damage + stun effect for one second.

When the second skill is active, Mecha Sentry Atlas follows, so you’ll have to press them again for them to unite and cause a stun effect.

Fatal Links, or the third skill, allows Atlas to throw chains at the target.

Reuse when recharging, then Atlas can draw all targets and throw them in the indicated direction and do 300/400/500 (200 percent total magical power) Magical Damage + 60 percent slowing effect.

That was the Atlas Mobile Legends hero explanation along with the ranks of skills interested in playing that hero?