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Here's a quick and easy way to check out Dead Pixel Monitor

How to check the Dead Pixel Monitor Quickly – Monitor is a hardware component that plays a very important role, namely to visually display the results of a process carried out by a computer in the form of images, videos and text. Hence, the existence of the monitor is a must for computer users.

It is important for users to be aware of some issues with the monitor such as: B. Screen blurring, display size is not adequate, the monitor does not display color images, broken and damaged screen pixels. One that is discussed in this discussion is screen pixel corruption.

How to quickly check Dead Pixel Monitor

Before discussing how to check a monitor affected by dead pixels, the administrator has summarized some knowledge about screen pixel damage. Damage to the screen pixels is often referred to by users as dead pixels or stuck pixels. The difference between a stuck pixel and a dead pixel is the damage, a stuck pixel is a sign of stain damage with a lighter color. Meanwhile, dead pixels are a sign of damage where the monitor is lit, but not normal.

The cause of damage to the screen with dead pixels is damage to the transistor. Another cause is the uneven distribution in the LCD. The nature of this dead pixel cannot spread, isolate (dot pixels have no relationship with other pixels) and have little chance of being enlarged because the size of the pixel is fixed. However, if there is damage, it is usually due to damage to the monitor’s liquid crystal, not the pixels.

How to check dead pixels on the monitor?

Damage to the monitor screen is usually very easy to spot by running the basic color of the background, which can use black and white. In this test, if a color mark is formed by three parts of the pixel, namely green, red and blue, then the damage is stuck pixel damage. Dead pixel damage occurs when a black or dark color appears, causing all of the screen sub-pixels to be permanently dead.

Here are the steps to check for dead pixels:

  1. Turn on the monitor screen
  2. Then set the computer to display the colors RGB, CMY, and white
  3. Then check if the monitor is in normal condition. It can display colors well when there is no ghosting and no ghosting
  4. However, if the monitor has pixel damage, this can be diagnosed as follows:
    • The monitor screen displays a solid black dot due to the total dead pixels (dead pixels).
    • The monitor always shows a white point because the pixel is always on and cannot be switched off (Bright Pixel)
    • The monitor displays green, red, blue or an RGB color combination when the monitor is set to a dark or black screen (stuck pixels)

Another way to check the monitor screen for dead pixels is to use the help of software. Some software offers features and functions to detect the presence of dead pixels. One of the software that users can use is free software, which is Pixel Repair. Pixel Repair is free software that has dead pixel detection and dead pixel repair functions.

After checking Dead Pixel Monitor, how to fix it

Another function that can be performed on a portable device or that does not require installation can work without interfering with the user’s work with the computer. This software performs tests with color tests and lines so that the damaged monitor pixel screen can be seen. How to use Pixel Repair:

  • Download the Pixel Repair app
  • Extract and install, then open the application
  • Select the monitor screen and the color that will be used for testing, click Activate.
Choose Monitor
How to check dead pixels on the monitor?
Monitor test
How to check monitor dead pixels
Color test display
  • After testing and finding dead pixels, go straight to the repair menu
How to check the monitor
  • Select the Repair button, then click Add to repair the screen pixels
  • Then, slide or drag the small box to where there is a dead pixel
dead pixels
  • There are two modes of operation available. First select the noise, if it doesn’t work, choose the fixed option
  • Adjust the monitor frequency
  • Then wait for the repair process to finish. Dead pixels can be repaired if they are still marginally damaged, but if they are severe they are difficult to repair.

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That was a check on how to spot dead pixels on the monitor screen. So that it can help you when you encounter a dead pixel problem on the monitor screen. Hopefully useful, friend Vexa Game

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