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Here's how to use Windows Disk Cleanup easily

Here’s how to use Windows Disk Cleanup easily. Have you ever experienced a slowdown in performance on a laptop, namely slower booting, slower opening of applications and problems with weighting on the laptop.

It turns out that one of the factors that cause a laptop to be slow is the presence of junk files that accumulate or drain the storage capacity of a memory. So that laptops that are supposed to process and read data quickly are hindered and data are processed slowly.

In fact, Windows laptops already offer features that can improve laptop performance. However, many users do not understand the importance of removing the accumulated junk files. The easiest thing to do is to use the Disk Cleanup feature on a Windows laptop. It’s already included in Windows so you don’t have to download it again.

Here’s how to use Windows Disk Cleanup easily

Windows Disk Cleanup application is a solution to clean up some files that are not important so that the laptop can be improved in terms of computing. For example, if there are a lot of junk files, turning on the laptop will feel heavy and take longer than usual.

The application is the standard application under Windows. This application already exists on Windows, but many users do not use this feature. The most basic factor is not knowing how the file cleaner application works.

Its function is to clean up junk files (cache) contained on laptops for Windows users, and it is very easy to use and free. This function allows you to empty files that are no longer used, e.g. B. Files contained in the file Recycle bin, temporary files, Cache files while browsing and some other files.

The steps are as follows:

1. Press the Windows key, then type disk cleanup in Search

2. Then several options appear

Fat plate cleaning

The explanations for the three options are:

  • First see how much storage space
How to use Disk Cleanup

Select it, the system will instruct you to view the details of the amount of space used and delete the files in the Recycle Bin

  • Second, to remove system tools
Window cleaning

This option displays the system’s standard applications. Functions for removing or deleting seldom used and unnecessary system applications

  • The third is to clean up the accumulated garbage files

That one option indicates which drive the user is going to clean up, and then options are available to clean up unnecessary junk files. The files are mostly junk files from processing applications.

3. To clean up files or reduce storage space, select the third option.

4. Then select the drive where the junk files or unimportant files will be deleted


5. Then wait a while for the memory read to take place

6. Then a dialog box like this will appear

7. Then select the files in any location that you want to delete. Click Clean up system files. Then the system junk files will be cleaned up automatically and the laptop will perform faster

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Shut down

Hence, it is very important for you to clean up junk files on your laptop. So that it can improve the laptop’s performance for the better. In addition, the storage capacity will have a relatively longer useful life. Thank you Vexa Game mate, hopefully it will be useful and your laptop will process data faster.

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