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Here are facts about the PUBG remote tribal mode

PUBG Mobile Tribal Mode – PUBG Mobile is indeed one of many people’s favorite games with many users. For the past few days, the PUBG game had shocked its users with its tribal mode.

This tribal mode is a mode that is actually a lot of fun, but a little controversial in some circles.

Tencent therefore decided to remove this tribal mode from the PUBG game.

PUBG Mobile Tribal Mode
PUBGM tribal mode

We are going to explain what Tribal Mode is and why it has been removed from the PUBG game. Take a close look at this article on Tribal Mode.

Getting to know the tribal mode (jungle adventure)

Tribal Mode, or more commonly known as Jungle Adventure Mode, is a new game mode that is still warm in the PUBG Mobile game. Unfortunately this tribal mode was released a few days later, Tencent decided to remove this mode.

The mode that you can only enjoy on Map Sanhook is really fun. Because Tencent adds interesting things that you can’t get in other modes or maps, like hot air balloons, jungle fruits and also lost treasure.

Only in this mode can you ride a hot air balloon to monitor the situation on the battlefield. You can also look for jungle fruits or forest fruits, which can give you special effects when consumed. This mode is also where you can try out the fun of searching for lost treasures.

Reasons for the removal of the PUBG Mobile Tribal Mode

Tencent has confirmed the removal of the Tribal or Jungle Adventure mode from PUBG Mobile. This is because this mode contains features that offend religious people.

Namely, the existence of a statue that can give players the items they want. The only way to get these items is to worship the statue for a while.

It is the worship of the statue that ignites emotions and aversions in religious people. Because the worship of statues in tribal mode is not considered to be in accordance with the existing religious teachings.

Some Muslims even brand the worship of statues in this tribal mode as an act of idolatry.

Because of this, Tencent decided to remove the tribal mode in PUBG Mobile. Tencent’s move is the right move as a form of respect for religious people.

So many articles about this PUBG tribal mode. Hopefully Tencent will re-publish this tribal mode by removing the statue worship in it.

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