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Health FF: Meaning and How to Heal in Free Fire

What does health mean in ff: You are new to Free Fire and don’t understand what health means? Don’t get confused if you don’t know the meaning of a term in the Free Fire game. Because in Free Fire many words or terms are used that sound strange.

There are many interesting terms in Free Fire that you should know what they mean, such as: B. Loot, Hurry, Heal, and others.

Especially when the event got the hayato firebrand character yesterday, many people did not know this term.

So that you don’t get confused, we’re going to discuss one of the terms in Free Fire.

We are going to discuss what health is in Free Fire. For those of you who are unfamiliar with health in the Free Fire game, you can find out by listening to this article carefully.

What does health mean at FF?

Not only do Free Fire games often use the word health, but so do other games. Those of you who enjoy playing different types of games should already know what the word health means.

Health is an English word and means health. The term health power is also often used in the Free Fire game, or better known as HP. In the Free Fire game, this HP means a gamer’s life.

What does health ff mean?
What does health ff mean?

If you run out of HP, you will die and you will not be able to continue the game. To do this, you need to keep a lot of HP so that you are not easily killed when an enemy attacks you.

Healing in the open fire

There is another term that is similar to health, which is healing. Healing is a term used when adding HP.

When your HP is low, you need to heal ASAP to restore the HP that you have.

There are different ways to heal or heal in this Free Fire game.

How to heal with free fire

Reporting from, here are some ways to heal or add HP in Free Fire:


You can heal using the medkit that can be found while looting. Don’t forget to bring a medkit with you as supplies, as the enemy can attack you at any time and make your HP drop.


Mushrooms in the Free Fire game can also increase HP. There are two types of mushrooms in Free Fire that HP can add, namely yellow and red mushrooms. This red mushroom is a mushroom that can have greater healing properties than yellow mushrooms.


Another item that can increase your HP is a campfire. The campfire in this Free Fire game can be bought and lit before the game starts to increase your HP.

Those are the things you need to know about health in Free Fire. Hopefully the information we have presented can expand your knowledge of the Free Fire game. This is a discussion about health in Free Fire that will hopefully be useful.

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