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Hard to beat? Know the strengths and weaknesses of Hero Dyrroth in Mobile Legends | Games – Just like MOBA heroes in general, Dyrroth Mobile Legends also has advantages and disadvantages that we need to know before mastering it, before rushing to use this hero or even defeat him.

Well! In this article we will review Dyrroth’s heroes again Update 2020, namely: The pros and cons of Hero Dyrroth in Mobile Legend.

The advantages of Hero Dyrroth

High burst damage

Thanks to his passive ability, which can give buffs to abilities 1 and 2, Dyrroth can deal very high burst damage. With the right combination of skills, Dyrroth can easily kill enemy heroes.

High robbery of life

Dyrroth has a very large life steal since his attacks are widespread. With the right combination of items like Endless Battle and Bloodlust Ax, Dyrroth can survive longer in both team combat and landing.

Annoying slow effect

Almost all Dyrroth skills can have a slow effect. This is of course very annoying to slow down enemy heroes who are running away or fleeing.

Tank killer

We can use Dyrroth’s 2nd skill to even take down tankers as this skill can reduce the target’s very high physical defense. Then the ultimate skill also does damage based on the representation of the enemy’s lost HP and is therefore very well suited for performing safe kills, especially for fat heroes like tank drivers.

Easy to master

All Dyrroth skills have non-Riber mechanisms, so we should be able to use this hero quickly. What we need to pay attention to while playing this hero is the right timing to attack and adapt the build items to the game conditions.

Heroes of Dyrroth’s Weakness

Load capacity 3 old

Skill 3 Dyrroth has a long charge before hitting the target. So this ability is very easy for the enemy to avoid. So we need to employ a good combination of skills in order for those skills to work efficiently.

Vulnerable to CC and Soft

While this Dyrroth has high Lifesteal and Damage, it is useless when affected by CC. Additionally, Dyrroth doesn’t have a high level of defense like Thamuz, Terizla and X.Borg who are the main fighters right now.

Very dependent on the passive voice

Skills 1 and 2 have a very long range and very high damage when Dyrroth’s passive skill is active. So we have to activate it before attacking the enemy so that Dyrroth can cause very high damage.

Dyrroth’s best counterattack

Dyrroth is very weak against agile heroes, who are usually obsessed with assassins. Examples include Hayabusa, Gusion, and Ling. In addition, Dyrroth is also very weak against heroes with CC outbursts like Chou, Aurora, Kaja, and Selena.

Well! Those are the strengths and weaknesses of Hero Dyrroth Mobile Legends that you should know about gear. Of course, by reading articles from TechnoGang, you already understand that you should consider deploying the Dyrroth hero in 2021.

If you have an opinion, don’t hesitate to discuss it gear in the comments column that we provide online Free…!!!

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