Skip to content Skip to sidebar Skip to footer free fire: Get unlimited diamonds for free free fire The website is a place where you can get unlimited ff diamonds for free. But let’s discuss free fire first.

Free Fire has become a very popular game lately. This game by Garena is able to find its own place with Indonesian game lovers and even around the world. With the battle royale genre, it can be said that Free Fire is the best game today. Free Fire, or often called ff, is a competitor to PUBG Mobile in the same genre. Free Fire Site website

This Free Fire game contains diamonds that can be used to purchase various items such as skins, characters, weapons, pets, etc. To do this, you must first fill up diamond-free fire. You can charge in different places such as: B. at Codashop, Unipin and others.

The price of the diamond can vary, some being the cheapest and some being the most expensive. depending on our budget. The problem is, can we have free fire diamonds without topping up or with money buying?

The answer is yes. This time, we’re going to discuss the free fire diamond generator tool that can be used to refill diamond-free fire without spending a dime. the tool or website is This site has a feature that allows players to fill in diamonds for free.

How to get free fire diamonds on

  1. Go to
  2. First, fill out the free fire game email or username form that
    in possession.
  3. Then select the server region account from the account you have
  4. At the moment the diamonds provided by the website are a maximum of 1000 diamonds which is enough to play.
  5. Then select the Android or iOS platform.
  6. Click Start Generating

Done, your job is to wait for the 1000 diamonds to go into the account in use. Of course, this method is considered illegal by Free Fire and can result in your account being banned or deleted. So be careful before using this free tool.

This site is capable of topping up free fire diamonds up to 999,999, the site claims. Of course, any FF player can use it, bro !.

If you are concerned about the account being played, don’t try
this tool yes.

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