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Guide Harith Evos Legend M1 Champion

Harith hero

Hi guys, welcome back to the Bangudinpro review, thank you guys!
Today we are going to talk about the hero who helped Evos Legend win the M1 tournament, the guys from Harith. Harith is a magical hero with a deadly Burst Damage type when it was first released, folks. When the first Harith was released, its massive damage made it almost impossible to get him into rank mode with certainty. Even though Harith is in Neft many times now, Harith is still above the mighty. Here I am giving tips on how to use Harith’s Heroes so Skill 2 can keep going without the cooldown and talent emblem, along with Harith’s build used by Evos legend who won the M1 tournament. So right now, here are the articles, check this out.

Magical shoes
Now this shoe item can reduce the cooldown. So this item must be used by Harith heroes who rely on skills so that they can spam skill 2 continuously and there is no cooldown. Well, for those of you who want to use Harith’s hero, you have to use this magical shoe item folks!

Disaster Reaper
This Calamity Reaper item must also be used by Harith as Harith’s basic attack does real damage after using the skill. In addition, this item also offers additional magical power, mana regeneration and of course cooldown reduction. This item is very good for Hero Harith, guys. This is an item you can use to inflict maximum damage on your opponents, guys.

Feather of heaven
This third item is an item that, along with attack speed, can add magical power. So Harith Skill 2 can spam quickly, because the item provides additional attack speed and certainly gives boys magical power. The item also deals additional normal attack damage to Harith as an additional magical attack. So this item is suitable for Harith as it can maximize Harith’s damage ability.

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Concentrated energy
Well this fourth item has concentrated energy, this item has to be used by Harith because not only can it add magical power and HP, but it also provides magical lifesteal boys. This item supports the abilities of Harith’s heroes, of course, with this item Harith receives a magical lifesteal, which is very important for a core mage hero like Harith. In addition, if Harith can defeat the enemy, this item can provide additional magical lifesteal. This item must be used by heroes like Harith types. With the help of this item, Harith is not easily eliminated.

Queen’s wing
Now the fifth item is an item of defense, namely Queen’s Wings. Items can reduce the damage taken by Harith by up to 50%, so Harith cannot simply be eliminated. The item also gives high Lifesteal when Harith’s HP is low. When Harith’s HP is low this item can restore HP quickly folks, it’s no wonder Harith isn’t eliminated easily. If you still need defense and life force, you can of course get them through this Queen’s Wings item. This will make you a very deadly hero in terms of attack, item defense, and of course, life stealing. wooowww!

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Holy crystal
This last item has a high energy magical item, namely the Sacred Crystal. This item can increase the damage significantly and also increase as the hero level increases. Items are suitable for Harith who can do a lot of damage to enemies, guys !.

This is the Harith Evos Legend M1 Champion item

Harith build build

Harith Emblem Talent

Harith's talent

Tips for using Harith Skill 2 without cooldown when Ultimate is enabled
Harih needs 30% cooldown reduction to use Skill 2 without a cooldown. First you need to set the talent emblem as above, it can reduce a 5% cooldown. Then the second, make sure you take the blue buff so you can give a 10% cooldown on guys. Third, buy magic shoes to reduce a 10% cooldown. And what you are buying is the Azure Blade item which is included in the Calamity Reaper item that can reduce a 5% cooldown. So the entire Harith gets a 30% cooldown reduction, so Harith can use Skill 2 without a cooldown, gäss, woowww so that’s the trick with Harith.

Article by Harith

This is Guide Harith who helped Evos Legend win the M1 Mobile Legend tournament.
Hopefully it’s useful guys.

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