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Guaranteed wild !!! When you use this hero

Bang, Bang … This time I’ll give you more info on Mobile Legends, do you still love me? because this game is very exciting! These are 5 mobile legend heroes guaranteed to be wild when you use this hero.

1. Esmeralda

esmeralda ml

Well Esmeralda is a hero mage who has the ability to make her shield her HP and even change the opponent’s shield for herself, gang! With her Ultimate Ability, Esmeralda can deal damage while taking off the opponent’s shield and cause the opponent to immobilize when he hits the enemy Hero. In his first skill, he also produces a shield for himself and increases his movement speed. Meanwhile, he gradually transformed the shields of nearby enemies into his own. On this second skill, Esmeralda deals damage to nearby enemies and reduces the cooldown of a skill for 1 second. His strong defense and skills make this hero an anti-recall hero in Mobile Legends. Cool right?

2. Karina

karina epic

This Karina is a hero mage and is also known as a trash hero for killing friends and it is guaranteed that the Karina Savage user is definitely the greatest wild collector, guys. This hero has the ultimate skill that can kill the enemy in no time. If Karina can eliminate the enemy, the cooldown of this ultimate skill will be reset instantly, while the assist will reduce the cooldown of this ultimate by 80%. This hero can escape even with the first ability he has and is immune to basic attacks. It’s good isn’t it? This hero is perfect for those of you who want a lot of ferocity, which allows us to continuously release their skills without delay!

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3. Wanwan

wanwan elite

Well, if that Wanwan is a sniper hero who has the ulty to attack the enemy continuously when the enemy’s first hero is eliminated. Wanwan is also a sniper hero who is hard to come by as she has Skill 2 which can remove all Cwor Control effects from her instantly. This is because Wanwan has high attack speed and high damage on attack and this one hero has a very dangerous ultimate and will continuously deal damage when the first enemy hero on the target is eliminated. This heroine is very agile, as Wanwan can move at a short distance when throwing “Sleeve Dart” and also has a high attack speed. And its ultimate ability can eliminate enemies in the blink of an eye and turn the target of one enemy into another, and can give ferocity to the wanwan.

4. Martis

Zodiac martyrs

Martis is a hero fighter who is rarely selected in Mobile Legends ranked mode. This hero often overpowers the enemy, having the ability 2, which can cause a recoil effect for the enemy. His ultimate skill, when he eliminates enemies with this skill, can instantly reset his cooldown and greatly increase his movement speed as he eliminates the enemy by spending his ultimate skill.

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5. Alucard

alucad legend

Alucard is a fighter or assassin hero who is quite famous in Indonesia. Because Alucard is not only free or standard, but also the best anti-recall hero. Because in addition to giving up mana, it turns out that the skill can also take a high streak of life. With the right build items, Alucard can become both a fighter and a tank because it doesn’t die! Very cool, isn’t it, gang? His first ability, jumping like a cricket, can be a war opener and is added to his Strong ulti as he gets a 100% lifesteal. So the blood fills up quickly in a few strokes and causes ferocity. But here, Gang, this hero isn’t easy to use as the build items are pretty influential in team roles like Gang, a hero who can be described as an anti-recall!

The heroes right now will be greatly feared if put in the right hands. Who do you think is easy to destroy? thanks

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