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Get free gifts? Read this first!

Garena Free Fire 45 GA – is one of the Free Fire free gifts websites that are often shared on social media.

Obviously, since it’s widespread on social media, a lot of people are curious and take advantage of this free gift page from Garena Free Fire 45 Ga.

From cute bundles to super cool skins, they are presented and distributed for free on the website.

Garena Free Fire 45 GA
Garena Free Fire 45 GA

Before using this site, first of all check that this site is really legitimate and safe.

To do this, take a close look at the discussion on

Prices in New Event

You need to know, isn’t the newest official Garena Free Fire event. Although it is not an official Garena event, this site has a lot of interesting prizes for FF players.

What prices can you get from this site? On the website you can get the following prices:

  • Free diamonds
  • Free permanent weapon skin
  • Free permanent package
  • Various other rare items

How to get rewards at

If you visit the website, you will be very pleased with the list presented.

Because the prizes on the site are rare items and are highly sought after by Free Fire players.

How do I claim rewards on Below are the steps to get rewards on

  1. Open the browser and go to the website
  2. On the website you can choose price 1, price 2 and also price 3 that you can get.
  3. Select the gift you want from this category, then you can press the word Take.
  4. Click the Accept this Gift button then you can log in with the Free Fire account that has been linked to your Facebook.
  5. All you have to do is follow the instructions on the website. If so, the prize will be sent and you can check the mail on your FF game.

is Garena Free Fire 45 GA To back up?

This site is not safe to use, so we advise you not to use this site.

If you are just looking around, you can visit But never log in or enter any personal information on this site

Because this site can steal your data. If you enter your Free Fire account username and password, this site may steal the Free Fire account you entered.

To do this, never register and do not enter any personal information on this site.

Don’t be easily fooled by websites offering free gifts like as most of these FF giveaway websites are misleading.

That is all can fool about information. I hope you do not fall victim to this type of scam.

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