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Genshin Impact welcomes Xiao's presence and entices players with a new video

Effects of Xiao Genshin. (miHoYo) – Are you ready to welcome the Genshin Impact 1.3 update, which will be released tomorrow February 3rd? In this update, miHoYo presents a new character, none other than the long-awaited Xiao.

This spear user character has long been introduced to players through a number of in-game stories. His character immediately caught the attention of gamers in this open world action RPG game.

In the later 1.3 update, players can get Xiao as a new character via the application banner. No different from the gacha in the special banner that is provided.

Later in that particular banner, Xiao will have a higher chance of getting it through the gacha. Beidou, Diona and Xinyan are also accompanied in this banner.

Later there will also be a keqing banner accompanied by Bennett, Barbara and Ningguang. Hence, if you are targeting this character from now on, prepare Primogems for Gacha.

Genshin Impact Character - Xiao.  (miHoYo)
Genshin Impact Character – Xiao. (miHoYo)

But who exactly is this new character, Xiao Genshin Impact? When you’ve finished Ganyu’s story, we know that this character is an adept who is a member of the Five Yakshas.

Born on April 17th, this character is a spear-bearer and wears the anemo element. A little story of this character was also told in miHoYo’s latest character demo video.

For those of you who want to build Xiao, it takes qingxin flower and slime condensate along with vayuda turquoise to make ascents. To improve your skills, you need an affluence book.

Curious about this new Genshin Impact character? Check out Xiao’s video below.

For that miHoYo player, prepare Primogems to pick up Xiao so he can join your team. Also, prepare various items and mora to level up this character.

Don’t forget to also prepare quotas to download the 1.3 Genshin Impact update. Because it’s a pretty big update, even though it’s not as massive as it was in 1.2.

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