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Genshin Impact PS5 version ready to explore Teyvat in 4K resolution

Genshin influence. (miHoYo) – Genshin Impact will certainly get a special version for the PlayStation 5 or PS5. This news was officially announced by miHoYo as the developer of the open world action RPG game.

For information, Genshin Impact has been present on PlayStation 4 or PS4 since September 2021. And what PS5 users are playing is this version.

While the version released this time is a version specially developed for the Sony PlayStation 5 game console, which is accompanied by improved optics and game performance.

Genshin Impact is a free, open world ARPG game that takes players into the visually stunning world of Teyvat. Players take on the role of a mysterious traveler, embark on a journey to find his missing brother and uncover Teyvat’s secrets on his journey.

Players can explore Moon City and Liyue Harbor, two of Teyvat’s seven capitals. Each city has a unique culture and history, a vast landscape full of creatures, monsters, secrets and treasures. More cities, stories, characters and seasonal events will be published.

City of Mondstadt near Genshin Impact.  (miHoYo)
City of Mondstadt near Genshin Impact. (miHoYo)

The PS5 version of Genshin Impact aims to provide players with a richer and more immersive open world experience. With crisp 4K resolution and improved textures in every part of the game, the world of Teyvat will look more detailed and energetic than ever.

Also, faster loading times allow players to have a smoother experience when venturing into different and beautiful game environments.

PlayStation 5 is the ideal platform to expand Genshin Impact’s extensive open world view. This enables our team to bring more thoughts and ideas into the game now and in the future“Said Forrest Liu, President of miHoYo.

This continues to motivate us to bring the PlayStation 5 version of Genshin Impact to our players as soon as possible” he added.

Genshin Impact for PS5 is coming soon. This open world action RPG game is still free to play and PlayStation 4 players can continue their adventures on PlayStation 5 for a more powerful gaming experience.

Genshin Impact was first released on September 28, 2021 for PS4, PC, Android and iOS. And now it’s ready for a PS5 special version.

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