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Genshin Impact Error 9203 How To Completely Solve It

Have you ever experienced the Genshin Impact error code 9203 while playing the Genshin Impact game? Code 9203 Genshin Impact is actually experienced at times by some Genshin Impact PC gamers.

Fortunately, this Genshin error code is very easy to fix.

This article will tell you how to solve 9203 issue in Genshin Impact game. We’ll also tell you what is causing the Genshin Impact Code 9203 issue.

Genshin Impact error code 9203
Genshin Impact error code 9203

Please listen carefully so you can resolve Genshin Impact error 9203.

Causes of Genshin Impact Error 9203

Error code 9203 is often caused by an internet connection that is not recognized by the Genshin Impact game.

This error 9203 can often appear if you are using an unstable internet network.

Additionally, it could also cause problems with the PC or computer you are playing Genshin Impact on.

It’s just that problem 9203 is very easy to solve, so you can start playing this Genshin Impact game right away.

How To Overcome Error COde Game Genshin Impact 9203 game

There are several ways to resolve error 9203. You can try the easiest method first, if that doesn’t work then you can try the next method to fix error 9203.

method 1

Before using any other methods, please use the first method first to fix this Genshin Impact error.

The first thing you have to do is restart the computer, wifi and also the modem that you are using to play Genshin Impact

M.Method 2

If the first method doesn’t work, then you can try the second method to solve this 9203 Genshin problem. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the location where your Genshin Impact game is installed. You can find out by right-clicking the Genshin Impact program and then selecting Open File Location.
  2. In the Genshin Impact folder, find the launcher.exe file, right click on launcher.exe and select Fix Compatibility Issues.
  3. Click the Try the recommended settings option, and then click Test the program. After that, you can try opening the Genshin Impact game again.

M.Method 3

After the second method doesn’t work, you can use the third method to fix the error in this Genshin Impact game right away. Below is a tutorial on how to fix error 9203 Genshin Impact:

  1. Open the Start button, type firewall in the search box, and then click Allow an app through Windows Firewall.
  2. Press the Change Settings button, click Allow more apps, and then click the Browse button.
  3. Go to where you installed the Genshin Impact game, then click launcher.exe and click the Open button.
  4. Click the Add button and you can follow the same steps by clicking the Allow an app through Windows Firewall button again.
  5. This time only, click GenshinImpact.exe.
  6. After granting GenshinImpact.exe and launcher.exe access in the firewall, you can open your Genshin Impact game.

This is the troubleshooting tutorial for error 9203 that we can provide. That’s all we can say, hopefully solving Genshin error 9203 is useful to you.

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