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Garena will destroy 30 million free Fire Cheater accounts in 2021!

A video report posted on YouTube by Garena Free Fire shows that Garena deleted 30 million Free Fire scam accounts in 2021, you know! Of course, these scammers also received special prices from Garena’s side, which, depending on the error, range from blocking to demotion.

2020 seems to be a very productive year for Garena. Because Garena’s anti-hack operations team for the Free Fire game managed to capture 30 million cheater accounts in one year. Amazingly, 31% of the accounts that were caught were the result of reports from survivors or Free Fire players.

Weak people who play with cheats will be banned. These weak people usually use some program / script or other way to outsmart the system in the Free Fire game. That way, they can easily gain from other survivors playing with skills.

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From the video report posted by the Garena Free Fire YouTube account, it was also revealed that these scammers and weak people are using various avenues to win from wallhacking, teleporting to auto aiming / headshot.

The following is the percentage of cheats that were used according to the video by the Free Fire Anti-Cheat team:

  • Auto aim (headshot) – 36%
  • Wallhacks – 23%
  • Teleport – 17%
  • Other types of cheats – 13%
  • Cheat antenna – 11%

Not only did Garena punish cheat users to show their determination and seriousness, but she also took other steps, such as downgrading the rank of survivors. Survivors caught playing with cheaters or at a party with cheaters will be downgraded to Bronze. This action has already been applied to 450,000 accounts.

In fact, these numbers from the Cheater Reports are the result of an anti-hacking operation Garena has been doing in the Free Fire game since mid-2020. With the operation called “Operation Cutcord” going on, Garena and Free Fire immediately step on the gas by reviewing all incoming player reports to monitor suspicious looking players. In addition to tightening security, Garena implemented a ban system immediately after the game was over for players who can be shown to use cheats.

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For your consideration before playing, the following are illegal things that you should not do in Free Fire game in order to keep your account safe and not be considered a scam.

  • Using a modified or unauthorized game client.
  • Use unauthorized tools that interact with the Free Fire game client.
  • Use unofficial programs to give gameplay an edge.
  • Modify model files to gain an unfair advantage.
  • Use glitches or errors to take advantage of the gaming experience.
  • Reported by multiple players and detected for abnormal gameplay at the same time.
  • Bypassing Free Fire’s anti-hack system through illegal local data transfers.

What do you think are Garena’s steps to root out cheaters in Free Fire game? Do you agree and are you satisfied with this step? Or are you upset because you can’tcheats again?

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