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Full schedule and instructions on how to watch the MPL Invitational

The ONE Esports Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) invitation schedule has finally been released!

This Mobile Legends event starts on November 27th at 11am and lasts until the fourth game.

The first day will open with a match between Execration and Ronin Esports. Genflix Aerowolf and Geek Fam ID will also compete on this day. Meanwhile, the most anticipated game from the Indonesian Mobile Legends community namely: EVOS Legends vs Alter Ego takes place on the following day, November 28th.

Here is the full schedule of the MPL Invitational as reported by ONE Esports.

MPL invitation plan

Friday (11/27/2020)

Saturday 28.11.2020, 11.00 a.m. WIB until the end

Here’s how to watch the MPL Invitational

The games will be broadcast live from the ONE Esports platform in five different languages, namely Indonesian, Malay, Burmese, English and Filipino. Here is the streaming link for the MPL Invitational:

ONE Esports Twitch

ONE Esports Facebook

ONE Esports YouTube

ONE Esports Twitter

Genflix or Video (Indonesian only)

Format mpl invitation card b68f1

A total of 20 teams compete against each other. Four teams, namely RRQ Hoshi, Bren Esports, TODAK and Burmese Ghoul, will be waiting in the quarterfinals of the grand finals. The other 12 teams will compete against each other based on the tentative split that was previously split.

The losing team is immediately eliminated from the event, so you can expect fierce matches from the squad in each team.

The list of Indonesian teams and squads for the MPL Invitational can be found at Here.

Don’t forget to support the Indonesian team against 12 other teams!

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