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Full info, worst and best Moskov Item Build 2021 Mobile Legends | Games – Moskov is a shooter in Mobile Legends with the shortest shooting range among other shooters. In the past, this hero was really scary and became a subscription shooter for ML players. But after an extensive dinner (with passive skills and Skill1), Moskov Mobile Legends was a bit forgotten. Coupled with the arrival of new shooters OP like Granger and Claude.

One of the characteristics of Moskov is his ability to penetrate backwards through the enemy. With this ability, Moskov can still attack the opponent’s tank and his friends behind him will also be damaged. That way, by the end of the game, Moskov will really be OP.

Moscow Mobile Legends
Moskov Snake Eye Commander Skin. MLBB

In this article, TeknoGeng now provides tutorials and build elements for Moskov Mobile Legends that you can use for reference if you want to master it. Let’s check out the review below.

Build items hurt Moskov

Build items that harm Moskov Mobile Legends
Moskov Item Build Recommendation. MLBB

Build objects Moscow it is best to focus more on attack speed and critical damage as he is a marksman who relies heavily on basic attacks. The following is a recommendation for the TeknoGeng version of the Moskov Mobile Legends build item:

Fast boots

For footwear, we recommend Swift Boots. Because in addition to increasing the speed of movement, this item also increases the attack speed of Moskov. If it’s a waste of mana, you can buy Demon Shoes first at the start of the game, then sell them and replace them with Swift Boots in the middle of the game.

Scarlet Phantom

Scarlet Phantom is a core item for Moskov that is used to increase attack speed by 20%. Attack speed is increased by 30% when you critically hit the target. An additional 25% Critical Chance from this item will make Moskov’s basic attack deal more critical damage more often.

Berserker’s rage

Scarlet Phantom can be combined very well with Scarlet Phantom. By combining these two items, Moskov has a 50% critical chance. This way, Moskov will carry out critical attacks more often. In addition, Berserker’s Fury increases critical damage by 30%. In this way, Moskov’s basic attack will do enormous damage.

Endless struggle

As a life steal, we recommend Endless Battle over Haas’ Claws. Because Endles Battle offers more status additions such as mana, HP, movement speed and cooldown reduction. Then this Lifesteal item also provides real damage, which is of course very useful against tank heroes, since this damage cannot be penetrated by armor or magic resistance.

Blade of Despair

This green sword is used to increase physical attack. Because the physical attack of Blade of Despair is very big. The damage is increased again when we attack the target whose blood is less than 50%. This article works very well for all marksman heroes, including Moskov.

Wing queen

This item is designed to increase the shelf life of Moskov. Because Wings Queen not only offers great HP, but also damage reduction when our blood dies. Then our life robbery will also increase dramatically. This, of course, is very useful for team fights, especially Moskov can attack many targets thanks to his passive skills that can penetrate.

Wind of nature

You can use this item if you want to be on the safe side, especially against Hayabusa and Natalia. Because this Wind of Nature item has an active skill that can make the user immune to physical attacks. In addition, this item also offers high life-robbery and attack speed.

Recommended emblems and combat spells

Moscow sniper emblem

We recommend the Custom Marksman and Assassin Emblem for Moskov. If you want to achieve high attack speed, it is better to use the sniper emblem. If you want extra movement speed and physical penetration, use the assassin emblem. You can see the talent composition of the two emblems in the picture below.

Moscow assassin emblem

The combat spells we recommend are sprint or flicker. The spell works for running away or chasing enemies as the teleport distance from Moskov’s 1st skill is very short. Use Purify when the enemy has a lot of CC heroes. If you want to farm faster, use Retribution.

Flicker Mobile Legends

Moskov .Skill Analysis and Combo

Like other heroes in general, Moskov Mobile Legends also has 4 skill sets, consisting of 3 active skills and 1 passive skill. The skills and their combinations are explained below.

Passive skills: Spear of calm

Moskov’s base attack can penetrate the target or penetrate the enemy behind it, dealing physical damage. When this basic attack hits the target, the cooldown of Skills 1 and 2 will decrease for 1 second.

Skill 1: Abyssal Walker

Mokov teleports to the location we specified and increases his attack speed by 20% for 3 seconds. In the meantime, his basic attack also increases by 20% on the enemy behind the target.

Skill 2: Spear of mystery

Moskov attacks the target with his spear, dealing physical damage and causing a knockback effect. If the target hits another enemy while knocking back, they both take physical damage and are stunned for 1 second.

If the target hero is hit by a recoil effect on a wall or wall, the stun effect it receives increases to 2 seconds.

Skill 3: Spear of Destruction

Moskov throws his spear after charging for a few seconds. This spear deals physical damage to the enemy along a straight line. Each spear that hits a different hero increases Moskov’s physical attack by 10 points and can be stacked up to 5 times. This effect lasts 8 seconds.

Skill combo

The main skills of Moskov Mobile Legends are skills 1 and 2. The combination of these two skills will overwhelm the target. Use Skill 1 to position yourself (usually facing the wall) then use Skill 2 to get recoil and stun effects. The stun effect lasts a long time when the target hits the wall. Attack the enemy with a simple attack during the process.

Skill 3 can be used to stop or initiate attacks. Use skill 3 to exit when you see a dying enemy. Meanwhile, in the team fight, use skill 3 (before skill 1 and 2) at the beginning to increase your physical attack to 50 points. The Moskov skill combo is something like this folks.

Skill 1> Skill 2> Basic Attack> Skill 3 or

Skill 3> Skill 1> Skill 2> Basic Attack

Strengths and weaknesses of Hero Moskov

Like other heroes in MOBA games, Moskov Mobile Legends also has advantages and disadvantages that cannot be separated. Of course, we need to know both before we can master this one hero. Below are the pros and cons of Moskov Mobile Legends.

Moscow’s advantages

Attack speed is very high

Thanks to Skill 1, Moskov has a high attack speed. This ability will of course make it faster to kill enemies, farm, clear minions, and push towers.

Fast farming

Thanks to his passive ability that can penetrate, Moskov can clean up the minions very quickly as the minion spawns are arranged in a straight line. That way, it will be easier for Moskov to get more gold and experience.

Crowd control is annoying

Moskov is a marksman who can give CC in the form of stun and kickback. The stun effect will be very long when it hits the wall.

Burst damage is high and mass

In the late game, thanks to the attack speed of Skill 1, Moskov can do very high massive damage. Then his passive skill can penetrate several enemies at the same time, so that he can hit many minions and enemy heroes at the same time.

Very late game surgery

With a combination of Skill 1 and Passive and Skill 2, Mokov becomes the scariest shooter in the late game. This hero must be watched out for when the game entered this stage, gang.

Good hero pusher

Thanks to its high attack speed, Moskov can destroy towers very quickly. It is even possible that this hero will bring victory thanks to the epic comeback at the end of the game.

Moscow’s weaknesses

Very weak in the early game

With the passive skill and skill 1 completely ousted by Moonton, Moskov got weak early in the game, so he had to farm as early as possible to get core items as quickly as possible.

What a waste

Moskov has to spam skills, especially skill 1 for Ngutan, pushing towers and attacking enemies. Well, using this skill also eats up a great deal of mana consumption so it will be very wasteful. Hence, you should buy demon shoes at the beginning of the game.

Need the right positioning

The main key to playing Moskov’s hero is positioning. Because the shooting range of this hero is very short. Then the jump from Skill 1 is quite a long one too, so that if you take a wrong jump it becomes a blunder that ends in a ridiculous death.

Moscow’s best counters

Moskov is very weak against agile assassin heroes and high burst damage like Karina, Natalia, Lancelot and Hayabusa. He’s also very weak against CC burst heroes like Zilong and Chou. Also, be careful around Layla and Clint, as Moskov will lose the reach of the two heroes.

Mokov’s best opponent

Moskov is very strong against all tank and combat heroes. Moskov is also very strong to fight Fanny’s heroes even in the late game.

Moscow’s best counters

Moskov can be combined very well with tank heroes like Grock, Akai and Khufra. Moskov needs strong support so that he can be hit freely in team fight or farming.

The best way to play Hero Moskov Mobile Legends

Moskov javelin master
Moskov Spear Champion Skin – (

Early Game (up to the 3rd minute)

Moskov is a very weak marksman in the early game, so he needs to move as early as possible so he can get levels and items quickly. Extinguish minions in a straight line with the respawn minions so they are quick because Moskov can invade. Also use Skill 2 in combat so that jungle monsters don’t meet you often.

Be smart to see and use Skill 3 properly. At least that skill can get assists, thank god if you can get kills. Your main focus in this phase is on reaching level 4 as quickly as possible (under 3 or 4 minutes).

Mid Game (3rd minute to 10th minute)

Your main focus at this stage is to get 3 core items, namely Berserker’s Fury, Endless Battle and Scarlet Phantom. Join teamfight when your help is really needed. If not, your focus should be on farming first. If there is a team fight, open an attack with skill 3 to get an additional physical attack.

Late game (from 10 minutes)

Moskov’s core item should have been done at this stage and could dominate the game. Maximize skill 1 and dan combinations and use walls so skill 2 can stun longer. Start the attack with Skill 3 in a team fight.

These are the tutorial gangs and build items for Moskov Mobile Legends from TeknoGeng. You guys aren’t stuck on the above build, guys. You have to experiment the rest yourself and adapt it to your respective gameplay. Have fun playing and don’t forget to take a break, gang ^^


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