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Freefirc. xyz: Check These Facts Before You Go!

free – free fire is a very popular game in Indonesia in terms of the battle royale genre game, it even beat its competitor PUBG Mobile in terms of the number of players or the number of installs on the Google Play Store .

This free fire game is really fun to play, it is so exciting that many players are looking for free diamonds to use to buy skins, weapons and characters.

Additionally, the newest one is the Luqueta character, and there is also a Hyper Letda mask up for grabs


Many Freefire players want free diamonds, there are also many platforms that share Diamond ff for free. free is one of them.

Lately, Free Fire players have been looking for ways to get free diamonds on the free firc.xy site? And is it true that the site is actually making free fire diamonds for free? First, let’s look at the facts as below.

How to get diamonds on the free site Situs

How to get diamonds he said free on the free website

  1. Go to the website
  2. Enter your user name on the start page and also your device, whether iOS or Android, click on Action Next.
  3. Next, select the server.
  4. In the next step, enter the desired number of diamonds and coins, click on Action.
  5. click Check now to go to the next process.
  6. In the final section, you will be redirected to the survey site.

Is it true that the site generates free free fire diamonds?

After we review the site, based on the system or process, the site will only look for money from the survey site you filled out. and the forms you filled out in the previous step are just a lie.

On average, those who create free diamond generator websites aim to make money be it through ads, accounts and so on.


It can be concluded that the Free website cannot produce free fire diamonds for free. We recommend that you buy diamonds officially through sites like Codashop, Unipin, and other platforms, or buy them directly through Google Play. You may receive cashback in purchasing this diamond.

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