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Free Fire x Ragnarok Poring Token Hunt, follow now

Free Fire x Ragnarok is a collaboration between Garena and Gravity. Both parties presented cool events for the players to increase the excitement of the players.

There will be quite a number of events and one of them is the event in the Free Fire game.

Garena herself provided interesting information to explain the upcoming event. Players can attend this one event for special prizes.

Free Fire x Ragnarok
Free Fire x Ragnarok

Interestingly, Garena also emphasized that there will be fond memories of the Ragnarok game in Free Fire. Free Fire players certainly shouldn’t miss this one moment.

Poring Token Hunt Even Free Fire x Ragnarok

The event that will be given is Poring Token Hunt. Players must find or obtain the Poring Token during the game. In order to get the token, one must first say in the game and make a match.

Not much different from the previous event where you can destroy something in the free fire game so you get a token randomly.

However, this is still uncertain as the main players also say that tokens can be said when you exit the game. Either way, you can try to play as much as you can to be a winner.

The match can be carried out classically or with ranking, as each token is awarded randomly.

If you are lucky you can get 5-10 poring tokens in this one event. If you want to get tokens in a much easier way, you can go through the Free Fire x Ragnarok login event.

The prizes that you can get if you manage to get enough tokens can even get male and female poring tokens and a gun box too.

There are many prizes to enjoy when you attend this one event. Tokens will be available from March 11, 2021. Are you ready?

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