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Free Fire Update features new characters and weapons, what is it?

The new update from Fire. (Garena) – Free Fire, the up and coming battle royale game, has a new update. In this update, Free Fire is getting new characters and weapons.

In this update, Free Fire receives many updates. Not only new characters and weapons, but also new emotes are presented.

Garena is making all of the information available in this new update through Free Fire’s social media account. The first of 8 emoticons for you to try.

Then there’s a new character, Wolfrah, who was featured in this new update to the Battle Royale game. Who is Wolfrah’s new character?

Wolfrah’s newest character has the ability to reduce headshot damage by around 25 percent and increase damage to the enemy’s body by 15 percent.

The new update from Fire.  (Garena)
The new update from Fire. (Garena)

You can get this new Wolfrah character for free for the first time to charge Free Fire. You can also buy it together with a bundle.

Wolfrah The Character Pack and the Streamer Fragment are available for 2500 diamonds, and Wolfrah’s Fragment only for 40 diamonds.

It doesn’t stop there, Garena surprises again by introducing a new pet, Falco. Namely a bird-shaped pet with the Skylin Spree skill.

This Skylin Spree skill from Falco increases diving speed in combat by up to 50 percent after the parachute is opened.

The new update from Fire.  (Garena)
The new update from Fire. (Garena)

This Free Fire update also features a number of new weapons that are suitable for snipers. Also the status adjustment of M1887, SKS and SVD.

You must be curious about the new weapons Garena has brought out in this new update. What’s the gun like?

Garena also announced that it has added anti-hack functionality to this Battle Royale game. This feature also combats cheaters with its cheat application.

It seems Garena is serious about rooting out cheaters in Free Fire, including the courage to issue permanent bans to players caught cheating.

These are a series of Free Fire updates that have been officially revealed. It has to be good news for players in this battle royale game.

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