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Free fire tips to increase your rank

Tips for Improving the Ranking of Free Fire has become a game debated by gamers in Indonesia and even around the world. The game concept is almost the same as the game Battle Royale others where they are played in an island area, survival is the ultimate winner. The difference is that in the free fire game we can only play 50v50 which makes it easier to get the win or the booyah.

Free fire games are also rated based on the level of the player. The higher your rank, the more respect other players will have. On top of that, you get a pretty interesting price tag. For this reason, free fire players must achieve a rank. Here are some quick tricks to improve your ranking.

Let’s check out free fire tips to increase your rank

1.Hide from the enemy

This technique is effective to use when you want to increase ranking quickly. Hiding from the enemy does not just mean standing still, but moving cautiously and keeping an eye on the zone map. Do not stand in an open area and try to be near the zone area. If there is an enemy in front of or around you, do not move or shoot immediately. If there are 2 or 3 live players left, they attack.

2.Choose a safe location

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Choosing where to get off the plane is important to rank up this game. It’s easy to do when you are on the plane, look at the sign on the right that shows the number of players on the plane. When there is little, you can safely get off the plane. However, don’t be complacent about searching for weapons and equipment quickly to keep you safe.

3.Use a car

Free fire tips
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Using a car is indeed an idol for gamers who want to increase their rank easily. The advantage is that we can quickly avoid enemies in the car, and in the event of injuries we can also fill the car with blood. The prerequisite, however, is that there are many medicit stores.

4thTotal war

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This method is indeed risky, namely the use of the total style of war. Total war consists in attacking the enemy continuously without stopping. Where you move from place to place to find opponents and take them down. In fact, this method is less effective, but it is worth considering using this method for Free Fire players who have good skills. To complete the Total War method, here are the weapons you will need to carry:

This machine gun is light. also equipped with a large magazine and power does quite a lot of damage even at medium range.

A weapon with great damaging power against enemies at close range. but must have good skills to use this weapon.


It is a weapon that is sought after by free fire players as it has good shooting accuracy when the opponent is in close and far range.


This weapon is very amazing indeed, besides being accurate at short and long range. This gun has quite a large number of bullets in each shot and the resulting damage is quite large.

This one addition must be brought to destroy the enemy as it does great damage, but experience in handling this weapon must be present.

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Shut down

This is the trick to improve rankings quickly. How about some Vexa friends, are you interested in the tricks above or even do other cool tricks? Until next time.

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