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Free Fire Rampage Emblem Code and How to Enter It

Free FF Rampage Emblem Code and Entry Method – The Rampage 2 series of events doesn’t end in Free Fire. This time around, Free Fire added a web event to liven up the Rampage 2 event.

This web event called Rampage Invitation can offer great prizes if you can collect the emblems that are present.

In this case, it is possible that you have duplicate emblems or a large number of emblems. The duplicate emblem you have can be shared with friends by sharing the emblem code.

Free Fire Emblem Code
FF emblem code

For example, if you have three 5th emblems, it means the emblem is a double emblem that you can share with friends. You and your friends can exchange emblem codes with each other so that any existing emblems can be collected more quickly.

How to share the FE emblem codeF.

For those of you who have a lot of duplicate emblems, you can give these to friends in need.

  1. Go to the Free Fire event page, then hit the visit button in the Rampage invite menu.
  2. Share your badge by selecting which emblem you want to share and then clicking the give to a friend button.
  3. Copy the displayed emblem code by pressing the copy button.
  4. Share the emblem code you copied with friends using social media or messaging apps.

Way meEntrance Free Fire Emblem Code

When you get an emblem code from a friend, you can use the code to add the emblem that you own. How to use the ff emblem code:

  1. Copy or write down the emblem code a friend gave you.
  2. You can then go straight to the main page of the Rampage Invitation web event.
  3. Select the type of emblem sent by your friend, then click the “Ask a Friend” button.
  4. You can then copy or write the emblem code in the column provided. Press the confirmation button to confirm the emblem code entered.
  5. Press the confirmation button again to accept the emblem.

Free Collection of Fire Emblem Codes

A collection of free Fire Emblem codes that you can use are as follows:

  1. 8NEJ43V4
  2. 83DMVVDX
  3. 9W2GM3NM

This is how you can share and use emblem codes in Free Fire. By giving each other emblem codes, you can quickly complete the Rampage invite event. Good luck trying!

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