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Free Fire Collaboration - Attack On Titan presents the creepy M1014 Gun Skin!

The presence of the titan “giants” in Free Fire is getting closer! Along with the reassurance that Free Fire is partnered with Attack On Titan, there are a number of leaked updates floating around. Great interest Welcome, the battle with the giants was shown by the survivors

Starting with instructions on the new map, survivors were shocked at the appearance of multiple character skins and armor from Attack On Titan. This leak comes from the Instagram account @morfeo_ofc. Well, recently the account uploaded the latest leaked Gun Skin M1014 which is certainly different!

Free Fire Ataack on Titan Gun Skin f75cc

This collaboration weapon skin comes in a slimmer size and nuanced design from Attack on Titan. There is a skull and bones motif on the back of the skin, which enhances the eerie and deadly impression. Cool again, this skin has a puffy smoke effect too.

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Not only does it look spooky, the M1014 Attack on Titan skin is believed to be a Mythic skin, which is the second highest tier in Free Fire after the Evo / Artifact skin. That means, this skin promises a very strong status bonus.

Additionally, the M1014 weapon just received a minimal damage and rate of fire buff in the OB26 patch released in February 2021. The strength of this M1014 Attack on Titan skin can rival the survivors’ favorite shotgun, M1887.

aot free fire 6e69d

Still, survivors have to look forward to the M1014 Attack on Titan status bonus. The M1014 Attack on Titan skin is expected to be available on Free Fire in March 2021 along with other new in-game items. This skin may be available with updates in the Faded Wheel, Weapon Royale, or Bullseye event.

Garena’s steps, who work diligently with well-known icons and characters, not only increase the interest and enthusiasm of the Booyah Fighters in this FPS Battle Royal game, but also the worldwide public. Free Fire successfully presented Cristiano Ronaldo with the Chrono update and introduced the Saitama character from the One Punch Man anime series in early 2021. Working with Attack On Titan will surely add to the excitement of the fighting atmosphere to Booyah!

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