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Free bundles & skins, watch out! Check this out first – Free Fire has a lot of interesting items that are only presented to players who charge up.

Those of you who rarely top up diamonds might get annoyed as most of the cool bundles and skins are only available for a fee.

Events with prizes for skins and bundles have been hosted quite often by Garena Free Fire.

But that doesn’t stop FF players from getting bundles and weapon skins for free.

It’s not uncommon for Free Fire players to look for shortcuts by visiting websites like luckyspinff2021 com.

Is it true that the luckyspinff2021 com website can offer attractive prices such as skins and bundles for free? claims to receive free packages and skins

If you visit the Lucky Spin FF 2021 website you can see that this website has a spin feature. website
Luckyspinff2021 website

By pressing the spin button the spin takes place and attractive prizes such as the latest FF bundles and skins appear.

At first glance, the website looks tempting as it promises free bundles and skins.

You just press the rotary button and log in with Vk or Facebook to get bundles and free skins.

Is a phishing site?

If you’re curious, you can visit the Lucky Spin FF 2021 website at luckyspinff2021 com.

However, we ask that you do not log in with your Facebook and Vk accounts when using the Lucky Spin Ff 2021 site.

Because this luckyspinff2021 com site turned out to be a phishing site. This phishing site is a scam site so you need to be extra careful when visiting this Lucky Spin FF 2021 site Not Garena Free Fire Official Website

The luckyspinff2021 website is not the official Garena Free Fire website.

If someone says this site is a Free Fire event website, you don’t have to believe it.

As this site is phishing and it is possible that your Free Fire account may later be stolen if you log in through

So never give out any information or log into this site.

That’s all we can say about the phishing site to begin with.

Be careful with fake websites like Might be useful!

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