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FF Qurban Blessing Stamp Code: Free Rainbow Dash Auto Skinh

FF 2021 Qurban Blessing Stamp Code – Free Fire is again holding interesting events to celebrate Eid al-Adha. On that occasion, Free Fire hosted a web event called the Berkah Qurban.

You can get great prizes by collecting stamps in this Free Fire Qurban Blessing Event web.

There are 9 types of stamps that you must collect if you want to get the grand prize in the form of an Amphibious Rainbow Dash Car Skin. You will also receive a prize in the form of a gun crate for collecting 3 and 6 unique stamps.

qurban blessing code ff
qurban blessing code ff

This Sacrificial Blessing Web Event will take place from July 30th, 2021 to August 9th, 2021.

You can take part in the Sacrificial Blessing event right away and from now on you can collect many Stamps to get a permanent amphibian auto skin.

How to play in the Free Fire Sacrifice Blessing Event is very simple. You have to collect lots of orange token flowers so that you can make lots of spin stamps while blessing the victim.

How to play the FF Qurban Blessing Stamp Event

How to play in the “Free Fire Sacrifice Blessing” event:

  1. Go to the Berkarh Kurban event website by going to the “Messages” menu and then selecting “Blessings of Kurban”. Press the visit button to go to the main page of the Blessing of Kurban Free Fire event.
  2. To participate in this Sacrificial Blessing event, you must first have an orange blossom token. You can get the Orange Flower Token by signing up and getting kills while playing on Free Fire.
  3. After you have the orang flower token, you can rotate it by clicking the create stamp button. After a spin you will receive a random stamp.
  4. If you have a duplicate stamp, you can share it with your friends by clicking the Share Stamp button. Select the stamp you want to share with friends, then press the stamp button and then click Copy Code to share the stamp code.
  5. You can receive stamps from friends by entering the stamp code shared by your friends. You can enter the stamp code by clicking the Claim Code button.
  6. Collect up to 9 unique stamps for the grand prize, an amphibious car body.

Free Qurban Stamp Code for Fire Blessings

As you read above, you can get a stamp by entering the stamp code.

If you have a particular stamp of the same amount, consider sharing it with your friends too.

You can exchange ff stamp codes with friends so that all stamps are collected quickly and you get all prizes.

In addition to getting a stamp code from a friend, you can try entering the following stamp code:

  • 113113Y232PB31386
  • 0131133G325P31386

If you enter the Free Fire stamp code above, you will receive a free stamp. But you need to enter the code quickly before the stamp of the code is overrun by other people.

We hope the information we presented at the Blessing of the Sacrifice event on the Free Fire Stamp Code will be useful. That’s all for this article, and look forward to collecting Free Fire Stamps.

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