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FF Guild Captain: How to be and change to be you

FF Guild Captain – The Free Fire game has a guild feature where players can gather. You can create or join a guild that suits you.

When you join a guild, you can find comrades to fight with.

There must be a guild leader in every guild in Free Fire. The guild leader in the Free Fire game is often referred to as the guild captain.

FF guild captain
FF guild captain

This guild captain is the player with the greatest responsibility in a Free Fire guild.

We’ll take this opportunity to discuss things about the guild captain. This article will tell you how to become an FF guild captain, how to change an FF guild captain, and other interesting information.

Read on to learn more about the captain’s role in the Free Fire guild.

Free captain of the fire guild

The player who served as the guild captain had the greatest responsibility.

A guild captain must guide his members in order to achieve the guild’s main objectives. If a member is against the guild or has been inactive for a long time, the captain has the right to expel that member.

In addition, the guild captain in Free Fire also has the right to add new members to the guild

If the guild captain turns out to be unable to run the guild properly, the guild captain can transfer the captain’s position to another member

The transfer of the captain’s post to another member must involve discussion and opinion of all guild members.

There are two ways to become a Free Fire Guild captain. The first option is to overthrow the guild captain from his post. The second option is to create your own Free Fire guild.

How to become an FF Guild Captain

If you start your own guild, you will automatically take on the position of captain. How to create a guild in Free Fire:

  1. Press the guild button on the right, then click Create Guild.
  2. Enter your guild name, which must be at least 3-12 characters long.
  3. Enter the region and style of the guild you want to create.
  4. Choose automatic or manual approval. If you choose automatic approval, anyone who registers in the guild will be accepted immediately. If you choose manual approval, only people who have been approved by you as captain will join the guild.
  5. Then you can enter the minimum level and rank that must be achieved by players who want to join the guild.
  6. Enter the slogan of the guild you created.
  7. If you want to start a guild by spending 5000 gold, click the 5000 gold button. Or click the 1000 Diamonds button if you want to spend 1000 diamonds to start a guild.

If the current captain is no longer able to serve as guild captain, a change of captain can be made.

It is better to negotiate between guild members before changing captains. Determine which members will later serve as guild captains.

How to change the FF guild captain

After getting the name of the member who can serve as the captain, here are the steps you can take:

  1. Sign in to the captain’s Free Fire account to transfer the captain’s position. The transfer of this captain can only be done through the account that serves as the current captain.
  2. Go to the Free Fire Guild menu, then tap the Membership List menu.
  3. Tap the name of the member you want to become a captain, then select the Change Ownership menu.
  4. Press the Ok button to confirm the change of captain in the Free Fire guild.

Your choice of captains will have a huge impact on the progression of the Free Fire guild you follow. Hopefully with this article you will know and understand more about the role of the captain in the Free Fire guild.

So much information on the guild captain in Free Fire, hopefully it will be useful!

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